(Description: Meanwhile, spiritual members of the Horde "feel in the air" that the First Artifact has been found. They decide that they must find these artifacts so that the Alliance or certain Evil members of the Horde may never have them. They plan to destroy these artifacts, because Thrall is clever, knows everything and sends them a letter telling them so.)


Ktalard: I fell a disturbance in the world.

Shaman: It's probably Snorky after he ate that Kodo curry.

(Here a fart).

Snorky: Sorry.

Jaen: I do fell a disturbance.

Snorky: Oh you fell fell a disturbance.

Shaman: Shut up Snorky.

Snorky: Sorry. (Snorky then drinks some beer). Burp

Ktalard: The first artifact has been found, we must tell Thrall.

Horde person (to be decided),: But how can we tell him quickly.

Jaen: Snorky you fast, get on your mount and give thrall this letter. I will give you a beer if you do.

Snorky: Ok

(Snorky jumps on his wolf and rides off to thrall with the letter, then he crashes into a wall, then you here a voice over which says: Kids dont drink and drive.

((At Thrall)).

Thrall: I understand I have sent my reply to Jaen. And may the force be with you.

Snorky: Ok.

((2 hours later)).

Jaen: Wheres Snorky

((You see Snorky in Booty Bay drinking beer talking to Blood Elves)).

Snorky: SO I said to Armos hey why the long face.


Blood Elf Male: That was funny.

Blood Elf Female: Yeah that was as funny as the time Ktalard tried to infiltrate Stormwind.

((You see Ktalard outside Stormwind and takes a savioury delight and walks up to stormwind and is stopped by a gnome)).

Gnome: Hey your a tauren.

((Ktalard then kills the gnome with an axe and walks off.)).

Snorky: Well i better get this to Orgrimmar.

Blood Elf Female: I better summon it.

A portal appears in Orgrimmar.

Ktalard: Here it is.

(Crazy Frog ringtone rings).

Jaen: Hang on thats my mobile. Hello this is Jaen (pause), no i don't want ot buy some gold.

Characters: Members of the Horde (Lots to list, and not even sure about a good number of them... Need to find them in-game)

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