(In this final scene Elizabetha and Stoen arrive first at Blackrock and find the artifact somewhere. But the others are close behind them. There is a second large epic battle just by the place where Elizabetha and Stoen are with the artifacts. But then Old Count Wheeler aproaches them while the younger people are fighting and demands the artifacts for Stormwind (really only wanting them for his own personal gain). But Montywort apears at the last minute and manages to force the artifacts out of their hands and putting them on. But a TWRS Janner Pike and a Tauren are having a fist fight and the Tauren pushes the TWRS membr towards Montywort who falls down in to the lava. Stoen, Liz, Wheeler, the TWRS member and the Tauren watch (excpet Liz) as Monty falls, but a sound of Blink is heard and someone comments that Monty teleported himself, but that the artifacts didn't get teleported and fell in to the lava. Telrunya goes NOOOOOOOO! In slow motion. But then sinply comments: "bugger". We then see Montywort arriving at the Cathedral (by Teleport), wearing only his underwear, right in the middle of a Scarlet Preach. Back in Blackrock Steppes does some final comments and the credits roll in. Perhaps with some fake out-takes.)

(Elizabetha and Stoen arrive at the Blackrock mountains (or Searing Gorge, acording to what comes up). There is a structure, or some building or cave and large canyon with lava nearby. The Camera Man must make sure, NEVER to show the bottom of the canyon, EVER!)

Elizabetha - Do you see it, Stoen?

Stoen -'s there.

Elizabetha - Quick! Guide my path!

(Both enter the structure)

(Meanwhile, close by, the Evil Alliance and Horde arrive)

Esme - Where are they?

Camci - They were right in front of us a minute ago.

Lashela - Search the area! I want every little hole in the ground searched! Even if you have to go swim in the lava!

Camci - I'm dying to but my hands on them!

Esme - This is NOT the time Camci!

Evil minion - Help! We are surrounded by Elves!

Three Evil Leaders - What?!

Illidor - Stop right there, Evil Spawns of Doom!

Esme - What?! Speak louder!



Esme - Well, that's obvious!

Lashela - Speak for yourself! MINIONS! GET IN TO POSITION!

(Scene passes to Illidor)

Illidor - Bah. We aren't enough! We shall have to use all our best strategy! I hope Elizabetha and Stoen destroy the artifacts in time!

Elf - We are surrounded by Horde!

Illidor - We are doomed!

(Scene passes to Horde)

Jaen - We have them ALL surrounded! It shall be a bloody fight!

Ktalard - Oh, yes. It shall indeed.

Snorkyorky - Hey, Ktalard, Jaen! (From behind them)

Ktalard - Shut up Snorky.

Snorkyorky - No, but...

Jaen - Shut it.

Snorky - Listen!

(Jaen and Ktalard turn to face Snorky)

Ktalard - Look, here Snorky. We are... oh damn!

(The Alliance are clearly surrounding the Horde)

Telrunya - Mwahaha! Vistory shall be Mine!

Alliance General 1 - Ours.

Telrunya - Right! Ours, of course.

(Cut to TWRS)

Leader - Aha! Now we surround them!

Member 1 - Uh... we are just a bunch of thieves. How can we surround four whole armies?

Leader - Oh.... ATTACK!!

Memebr 2 - WHAT?!

(ATTACK is heard from all fronts and the battle starts) (Add Epic music)

SNorky: I must do the matrix.

((The camera goes matrix in air. SNorky goes to the ground then these gnomes run off)).

Gnome 1: I'm sacred of the matrix.

Gnome 2: I dont like keanu reeves haircut i must flee.

(Elizabetha and Stoen emerge from the structure as gnomes run past them)

Elizabetha - Stoen! Now that we have all the artifacts of power, we have to destroy them! Cast the wretched things in to the chili-pepper hot lavas of the Searing Gorge!

Stoen - Wha-wha-wha-wha-what order?

Elizabetha - Never mind the order! Just through them all in!

Stoen - O-ok!

Telrunya - (Emerging from behind the camera) Oh, no you don't! You must give them to me!

Elizabetha - No! They must be destroyed!

Telrunya - Don't you see?! Those artifacts can be used for good! They are the key to destroying the Scourge, the Burning Legion and all other Evil that threatens our land!

Elizabetha - Wh-What?

Telrunya - If you destroy them now, Azeroth is LOST!

Elizabetha - I....don't...maybe...

Stoen - No! D-don't listen to him! We c-can't give them to him! We can't t-trust him! I...He d-did horrible things to me once!

  • Flashback*

(Telrunya is seen kicking Stoen in the bottom repeatedly and cacklyng evily)

(Suddenly, Monty pops in to the flashback)

Monty - Aha! I have the artifacts! Habeus will be so proud!

(Scene fades back in to the Steppes)

Telrunya - You dirty little thief!

Stoen - *Gasp*

Monty - And I shall finally be accepted in to the Scarlet Crusade! Finally! My dream come true! No more minor jobs!

Elizabetha - M-maybe Habeus should have the artifacts...

(Cut to Cathedral)

Habeus - (Triumphantly) Yes!

(Cut back to Steppes)

Everyone - NO!!

Monty - And now, Farewell! I leave you!

(Suddenly a large Troll + a TWRS member who are fighting run in to Monty and accidentaly push him in to the lava pits)

(The following is very fast, like a football commentary)


Elizabetha - What's happening?!

Telrunya - He fell into the Lava Pit! With MY Artifacts!

Monty - (continuous from the last) AAAAAAAAAA*OOF*AAAAA

Troll - He banged his head!

TWRS - That MUST have hurt!

(More people join in)

Embraced - He is yelling loads!

(Teleport sound)

Stoen - H-he Teleported!

Elf - But the Artifacts of Power are still there!

Human - Falling in to the Lava!

Undead - This is one looong fall!

Dwarf - They hit the lava!

Snorky - They going gone gone sold to Nefarian!!!!

Nefarian Ya my own set of artifacts. Know my chess set is complete.Check mate ragnaros.

Rangaros Oh crap u beet me again Nefarian.

Nefarian Lol

Telrunya - (Falling to his knees) NOOOOOOOOOOOO....Bugger.

(Meanwhile in Stormwind there is a Scarlet Preach Session)

Habeus - ...and so, Praise the Light!

Congregation - Praise the Light!

(Suddenly Monty pops in to the middle of the congregation, wearing only underwear)

Habeus - By the Light!

(Shocked gasps)

Magwitch - REPENT! Burn in the Light, Heretic!

Montywort - NOOOOOOOO!!!

(Else where)

Evil Minion - The artifacts have been destroyed!

Lashela - Nooo! It's all your fault, Underwood!

Esme - What do you mean MY fault? It was your fault!

Lashela - It was not!

Esme - Was too!

Lashela - Not!

Esme - Was!

Lashela - Not!

Esme - Was!

Lashela - Not!

Forsaken 3 - Look! It's Camci, the face melter!

Forsaken 4 - Wow! He's like real famous!

Camci - I'm dead famous!

Forsaken 3 - Can we have an autograph!

Camci - Sure, kids. Who shall I write it to?

Forsaken 4 - (Name)!

Forsaken 3 - And (Name)!

(Esme and Lashela stare, and then look at each other)

Esme and Lashela - It was his fault!

Camci - Huh? (As the two forsaken leave, excited)

Esme - It's your fault we lost the artifacts!

Lashela - Yes! All your fault!

Camci - What? I don't...

(Fade to black with screams of pain of undetermined origin)

((I'm afraid this doesn't fit the summary. But it can be used for the outtakes or alternative ending))

Monty: I shall kill and you and "Victory shall be mine". Advanda cadava, (Monty realises he hasnt got a wand instead a beer mug)> Can someone portal me to stormwind so I can get my wand from the bank.

Mage: Sure.

(Monty is summoned back then u see people waiting).

Snorky: Where is he.

(In Stormwind bar)

Dwarf: Welcome to McMagwitchs what woudl you like to eat.

Monty: A big mag plz.

Dwarf: Ok thats 20gold plz.

Monty: You got to be bloody kidding me.

(Summons back to the area).

Monty: Sorry i'm late i hit traffic. Know where was i, ah yes advada cadava. (A green fireworks shoots up). Dam thats a firework here we go advada cadava. The ray misses dam it.

Snorky: Big billy.

Monty: Don't say that word.

(Monty suddenly appears naked in a scarlet mass).

Scarlet: Quick get a shovel


Jaen: We must sell thrall.

Voice over: It's meant to be tell.

Jaen: Oh (Bleeped out swearing))

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