Illidor: Around ten thousand years ago, as we fought to save Azeroth from the first invasion of the Burning Legion, a Highborne called Adenor Windstopper was able to take a small amount of water from the original Well of Eternity. Soon after the sundering of Kalimdor, he infused this arcane water in to his staff and in to the clothing he wore. At first, he noticed little different, but as the years passed they became powerfull artifacts. They became so powerfull, that he started gaining powers over time itself. The Bronze Dragonflight sensed this, and decided to stop this. They called forth some of the druids that were not sleeping, and sent them to stop Adenor Windstopper, or rather Drolrevo LiveYtsan as he liked to call himself now, before he could do real damage. Drolrevo LiveYtsan somehow sense that he was about to die very soon, and felt our presence. He was not capable yet of chaning his destiny yet, so he did what he could to make sure the power of his creation was not destroyed. He created a sort of loophole in time around the objects, and wrote us a letter explaining how this loophole works...why I do not know... but when we arrived at his lair, we found the letter on the floor, his garments of power and his staff gone, and him dead...

Elizabetha: How did he die?

Illidor: He fell down the stairs...

Elizabetha: I see... And what did the letter say.

Illidor: Well, it said that his garments and staff were hidden around the world, and he described how they would be found. Only a gnome can find one. Once a gnome has found the first, he will start finding the rest until he has found them all. Then they can be used again. However, if at any point the gnome loses the object to someone else who is not a gnome, then no one will find another... until another gnome finds it.

Elizabetha: There were Gnomes back then?

Illidor: No. We only realised what they were when we came in to contact with the Eastern Kingdoms a few years ago. In fact, the second part of the story happened here, at the very end of the Third War. I was in the Arathi Highlands. With me was a Dalaran human mage called Egam Naralad, a Dalaran Gnome Mage called Yllis Gnith, a dwarf Marksman called Frawd Frothbeard and a Knight of the Silver Hand whose name eludes me for the moment. As we were heading to the Thandol Span, Yllis Gnith fell in to a hole in the ground. When we finally managed to bring him up, he was carrying a cloth. I recognised it as soon as I saw it. It was the glove of Drolrevo LiveYtsan. I explain the situation to the rest of the clan. At the Knight was eager to find the rest of the objects to use for good, but at least the rest were inteligent enough to heed my warnings. When we arrived at Loch Modan we seperated. The Yllis Gnith, Egam Naralad and I set south to Stormwind. The Knight returned to the north, where I believe he joined the Sarlet Crusade. And the dwarf took the gloves to Ironforge, where he claimed he could hide it behind the most solid wall of all...bureocracy. But what is most important to note is this. As we passed the burining steppes, the gnome stumbled through the robe of Drolrevo LiveYtsan. This time, however, I pretended it was merely a worthless robe, and we left it there. ... Or did the story happen the other way around? Did we find the one in the burning steppes first or did we find the one in Arathi first? Well, never mind. You two have to finish this story now. I'll tell you where the final garment lies, and you must throw them in to the magma pits of the Burning Steppes, all at the same time.

Elizabetha: Why don't we destroy these first and then the last one?

Illidor: Because it would be much less dramatic.

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