(Bold textElizabetha and Stoen have arrived at Auberdine, they head for the boat. At the distance, they are seen from one of the Evil People. The Evil Leaders are informed and they decide to corner the duo in Darnassus. When Eliza and Stoen arrive at Darnassus they speak to Illidor who finally explains to them the true nature of the Artifacts and gives them the fourth artifact telling them that the last artifact is in Blackrock Steppes and that they must find it and through all five in to the lava (cliché LOTR spinoff alert). As Eliza and Stoen are leaving Darnassu they are cornered by TDE. But the Cenraion Guardians apear just in time to stop them from stealing the artifacts. In the confusion, Montywort attempts to steal the four artifacts, but, surprised by the sudden apearance of Davinrad's Ghost, accidentaly teleports himself to somewhere distant. Elizabetha and Stoen run off back to Rutheran just to find the Horde waiting at the docks. Stoen manages to make a portal and they escape to Auberdine just in time.)

(Elizabetha and Stoen are walking through Auberdine, closely trailed by Montywort.)

Montywort: Are we there yet?

Elizabetha: I don't know. I'm blind.

Montywort: Uh...

Stoen: W-what?

Elizabetha: Are we there yet?

Stoen: N-no....almost...sorry.

Montywort: Pheew...

(They walk on to the boat's platform)

(At the platform of the boat to Menethil are some of the evil alliance and Horde waiting for the boat.)

(Two forsaken talk in gutterspeak with subntitles)

Forsaken 1: Why did they build such small boats? This is the seventh boat and we are still here...

Forsaken 2: Bah! And I don't like these Alliance types. Their demons make my guts shiver.

Forsaken 1: Well no wonder! Maybe if you put them back in your stomach they would keep warm.

(Elizabetha and Stoen walk to the platform with the boat to Darnassus. Montywort keeps a distance.)

Forsaken 2: Oi. Who's that?

Forsaken 1: (Turns to look) It's a human and a gnome. And another gnome...

Forsaken 2: Hmm, Gnome! Fancy some dinner?

Forsaken 2: I dunno... gnomes give me indigestion.

TDE Embraced: Look! It's that paladin, Elizabetha Istro and that Gnome pet of hers!

Esme: Ah! Excellent! They are going to Darnassus. The artifact must be there.

Camci: I'm dying to get my hands on it. But we can't get in there without being attacked.

Lashela: We can. I will call the others back. We will use magic to summon them back!

Esme: What?! You can do that? Then why have we been using these damn Alliance boats?!

Lashela: The ritual requires the senseless murder of cute little bunny rabbits.

Tde Embraced: Since when has that stopped you?

Lashela: Good point.

(Back in Rutheran Elizabetha and Stoen arrive at the platform and walk towards the portal)

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