(Wheeler and the Stormwind Army arrive at Tanaris and something funny happens.)

(The Stormwind Army are on mounts in tanaris then they hit a paytoll).

Gnome on Pay Toll: 1g to pass.

Wheeler: Please let us pass for free, the fait of Azeroth depends on us.

Gnome: 1g plz.

Wheeler: Oh fine is the gold.

Dwarf: Hey you could just walk around the toll.

Wheeler: Oh dam it, shit shit shit.

Gnome: Dont get your knickers in a twist. Hey they aren't yours. They are Magwitchs.

Wheeler: How you know that.

Gnome: They have her name on it and they are red and showing.

Wheeler: /blush

Dreanei: They are as red as a group of scarlets in hellfire peninsula.

Dwarf: rofl

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