(Elizabetha and Stoen arrive at Dalaran and find Someguy (Mordacious?) and ask him if the artifacts belong to him. Someguy recognises the artifacts but instead of pointing out to them what they are he says that the items do not belong to him and that he should go to Darnassus and ask the Cenarion Circle about the Artifacts, specifically Illidor of the Cenarion Guardians. So Elizabetha and Stoen set of to Darnassus, followed by Montywort, who is still biding his time.)

The magical dome appears over yonder and the ruined town is seen. Elizabetha and Stoen come walking out of the forest and meet Someguy - behind them follows Montywort. Close up of Montywort as he complains'

Montywort: *groans* If I had any idea of ridiculously far I have to follow them, I'd rent a gryphon. *pants* Bloody Gnomes. At least Habeus will be proud of me and let me join the Crusade at last... Yes, victory shall be mine! *groans in pain* Oh, my poor soles...

The perspective changes to Stoen and Elizabetha.

Stoen: It...Elzbeth...we...are at...I mean...s-sorry.

Elizabetha: We're at Sorry?


Elizabetha: We're at the Sorry district of Dalaran?

Stoen: Huh?

Elizabetha: *sighs* Well, they did say that the magi are an odd lot, but calling a district Sorry District... Nevermind. Let's just find someone and ask if the artifacts are his or hers.

Stoen:,, you m-mis...

Elizabetha: Come, come now, Stoen. Tenacity drives us. For the Light!

Stoen: But... *sighs* A-alright...

Stoen spots Someguy talking to the voidwalker alike thingies, and as they approach the perspective changes to Someguy as he talks to the Voidwalker alike thingy.

Someguy: No, you pathetic excuse of a rift creature caused by variables of the arcane essence! I said, bring me a hammer! Not a popsickle! Bah! Go away. Go away! You make me sad!

He turns around and sees Stoen and Elizabetha right in front of him.

Someguy: Ah!!'re not rift spawned creatures made to exist by our hopelessly foolish and arrogant meddling with the arcane substance that inveriably infests all of this world which hangs lonesome in the great dark accompanied only by the moon that the night elves seem to think a goddess even though the high elves don't anymore since they're no longer night elves, but have shrunk in size due to their thirst for magic, which is of the arcane that inveriably infests... *pauses* I mean, who are you?

Elizabetha: Well met, sir! We have travelled far and wide in search of the one who owns these odd objects. It is a great honour to come to the wondrous city of Dalaran, which is renowned for its mages and wonderful hovering towers that baffle all who see it. May Sorry District forever be blessed by the most Holy Light!

Someguy merely stares for a moment, the picture then shows the devasted surroundings and switches back to Someguy.

Someguy: Sorry District? Hovering towers? Is this a joke?

Stoen: It...she...I mean...uhm...Elzbeth is...blind...It...I...s-sorry...

Someguy: Oh, that explains it. I was about to say incredibly idi...

Elizabetha: Please, good sir, we have come from afar. Are you the owner of these objects? They appear to be some sort of artifacts.

Someguy: Eh? Artifacts?

Elizabetha: Stoen, show him.

Someguy is shown the artifacts - somehow.

Someguy: By the arcane substances in all of the universe that enabled me to portal my mother-in-law down to Nefarian's love lounge! How in the name of all the archmagi dead and gone and living and lost in some freak portal accident did you get those?!

Elizabetha: Well, you see, Stoen was out fishing and...

Someguy: Go to Darnassus at once and seek out Illidor of the Cenarion Guardians who is some odd protector of the Cenarion Circle and has very long ears! I have never met him but according to the script I'm supposed to tell you that you must go right now, and for some very silly reason you have to walk all the way because I won't portal you there. Go, brave adventurers!

Elizabetha:, alright. Come along, Stoen. Farewell, kind mage. May the Light be with you and all those of Sorry District. To Darnassus we go! *starts to walk away*

Stoen: It...I mean... It's...the other way...

Elizabetha: Oh, right. *turns around and follows Stoen*

The perspective changes to where Montywort has been hiding and listening.

Montywort: Great...just great. The guy's a friggin' mage, and the script doesn't say he's supposed to portal them. Sure, why not. Just let my poor feet get all sore! *groans and follows them in the background* Bloody script...

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