(This scene is mainly of them travelling and sketch scenes can be fitted in the middle of this)

Ktalard: Why dont we go to Feralas.

Orc: Why don't we kill stoen and get the artifact.

Jaen: Why dont we go to Tanaris.

Snorky: Why dont we go to Uldaman i have a quest there.

Ktalard: Uldaman gives me a rash.

Snorky: You should have brought that cream I gave you for your birthday.

Ktalard: It was a rip off.

Snorky: Not as much as a rip off as that Bloodhoof Guardians Beer.

(See snorky drink something)

Snorky: Hey this is water.

(Back to the good horde).

Undead: Why don't we get drunk at booty bay.

Snorky: I'm in for that.

Jaen: No go later.

Ktalard: Lets go to outland.

Snorky: I'm to low level.

Ktalard: Exactly.

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