Rysla Ravenclaw

Physical TraitsEdit

In Elven form, Rysla is around 6' tall, with slender shoulders and a thin, but slightly muscular frame. Rysla's defining feature is his long, green hair which flows right into the small in his back. This same green hair also forms into a small patch of stubble on his chin. However, Rysla prefers not to remain in Elven form around the city of Stormwind, and he is most likely to be seen as either a leopard or a cat.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Druid


The Cenarion Guardians


Warden of The Cenarion Guardians, Druid of the Cenarion Circle and Master Enchanter and Skinner.


As a Druid of the Cenarion Circle, Rysla was born many, many years ago, and joined his fellows in the Emerald Dream. As do many things over time, his memories of his family have long since faded into the annals of time and all that is left of his far distant past is the family name, Ravenclaw.


The last memory Rysla has of his family has long since faded from his mind, and so the history of Rysla Ravenclaw begins upon awaking to fight the threat of Archimonde, in the Burning Crusade.

Since his defeat, Rysla, like his other Druid colleagues, chose to remain in the waking world in order to assist in the reconstruction of the shattered lands after Archimonde's legions managed to wreak a terrible toll of Azeroth. In order to do that, Rysla joined the Silverwing Sentinels in order to assist in the defence of the Elven lands.

Rysla was later, however, reassigned to join the Order of The Silver Hand as emissary for the Silverwing Sentinels to the Order, and also to gather information on the threat of the Scourge to the Elven Kingdoms. However, this appointment would lead to Rysla's removal from the Sentinels, after he disobeyed a direct order to return to Darnassus, choosing to assist The Silver Hand in their fight against the Scourge.

Since then, Rysla has been a permenant member of the Order, and has risen through the ranks to become High Lord, one of the right hand men to Doddz Edenlight. It is a title he bares with much pride, and one he does the upmost to prove himself worthy of.

His actions in the Order were many; he organised The First Annual Order of the Silver Hand Ball, a social event the likes of which Azeroth had rarely seen before. Members of over ten guilds attended and it is estimated over 150 people were in attendance at the event. The follow up, the Winter's Veil Ball, was a repeat of the success, and although the attendance wasn't as large as the initial Silver Hand ball, Rysla still believes the event a massive success.

On the military side of the Order, Rysla was imperative in The Silver Hand's efforts to cleanse the city of Stratholme. His efficiency in commanding the Knights of the Silver Hand earnt him a commodation from the young King of Stormwind, presented to him by High Lord Bolvar Fordragon and was the diplomat who organised The Silver Hand's entrance into the Knights Ascendant in order to fight Ragnaros, the Firelord.

Despite his success, Rysla felt as if something was wrong with his life. He worked effortlessly for the benefit of the Order; but felt an almost insatiable sense of guilt that his efforts weren't focused towards the betterment of Elven kind.

Meeting Saeros of The Cenarion Guardians, Rysla made the decision to resign his commission within the Knights of the Silver Hand. Although parting from his friends was difficult, by joining the ranks of the Cenarion Guardians led by Illidor, Rysla was able to refocus his efforts to the benefit of Elven kind.

However, despite this, doubts still remain within Rysla that his efforts are still too little especially with the escalation of events through the Dark Portal. Rysla currently organises the The Second Annual Great Spring Ball, but plans on using the event simply as the starting point for something far, far greater altogether.

Personal NotesEdit

Rysla is a great believer in honour and justice, and seeks to personify these virtues in his actions. To that extent, Rysla works hard to serve with honour in all he does, to assist his friends and defeat his enemies.

Current StatusEdit

Currently, Rysla is working hard to perfect his skills in enchanting alongisde organising The Second Great Annual Spring Ball.

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Master EnchanterEdit

As an enchanter, Rysla has worked hard to attain various enchant patterns, usually at a high personal cost. However, being a charitable sort, Rysla will usually be willing to utilise his enchanting skills for the benefit of others if provided with the materials.


+70 Att Pwr on 2h, +15/+25 Agil on 1h/2h, +20 Spirit, +20 Strength, +22 Int, +30 Int, +40 Spellpower, Crusader, Lifestealing, Fiery, Icy, Unholy.


+30 Healing, +24 Healing, +15 Spell Power, +10 Defence, +6 Mana Regen, +7 Agility/Stamina/Spirit, +24 Att Pwr, +12 Int/Str.


+35 Healing, +15 Str, +26 Att Pwr, +10 Critical Spell, +7 Agil.


+150 Health, +50 Mana, +4 All Stats, +6 Mana Regen, +15 Spirit.


+120 Armour, +20 Spell Penetration, +15 Arcane Resistance, +15 Shadow Resistance, +15 Fire Res, +7 Fire Res, +5 All Resistances.

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