Ryan Miller


In his early years he was a tall muscular man with long black hair he has a scar across left eye, which he did himself to look hard.

His real self is skinny his long black hair is all straggly and he has two metal bars covering his face.




Chaotic Evil






Ryan lived in Andorhal under the disguise of a Human. He used to always get into bar fights and it was always Imoen who would have to drag him back to his house.

How her met Imoen was by chance, her and Ray were at a bar drinking when Ray left he made his move and took advantage of Imoen's insecurities of being alone because of her Race, a Half-elf.

They were together for a long time Ryan used to beat Imoen and use her when he wanted to sleep with her by telling her she would be alone and no one would go out with a Half-elf, Imoen would always fall for this and she stayed with him thinking this is all she could ever have and that she might be able to change him.

During the attack on Andorhal Ryan knew full well what was going on and ordered Imoen to stay in his house telling her to trust him that everything would be alright. When Arthas attacked Imoen panicked and looked for comfort in Ryan when Arthas approached their house Ryan's true self was revealed, Imoen finally took a stand against Ryan and ran away from him.

Khallid saw Imoen running from Ryan who he thought was a scourge and thursted his sword threw him.

After these events Imoen now had to sleep alone something she hated, even though Ryan only wanted to sleep with Imoen for one reason she was still in company and without this company it made Imoen feel empty, thus she tricked herself to think Ryan was a Hero who loved her dearly.

When Hejin forced her to face the reality that he was a scourge she just said he was a victim.

When eventually she faced Ryan he wasn't the hero or victim she made him out to be and his creepy side was stronger than before touching her and calling her "Poppet".

Imoen was shocked at herself to see the true Ryan and realised allot of her problems she had and eventually after a long event Ryan met his death.

(( Want to know the full story? Read My final goodbye ))

Family BackgroundEdit



Ryan is the type of man who thinks he has it all and can do what he wishes with people just by bulling them into it. In reality he was a coward he would hide behind his friends who were all eventually killed by Scourge. In the end Ryan's bulling cached up to him and not only did he have Imoen beat him to a pulp killing him but he lost Imoen forever and spends the rest of eternity regretting what he has lost.

Current StatusEdit

Is in hell where he spends eternity thinking of what he's lost.



Ryan has to be one of my most horrible character's I have made, I wanted him to show Imoen's insecurity of being a Half-elf and how difficult she found being one.

It also shows Imoen's difficulty in having relationships with other people friend or lover.

But going back to Ryan I've purposely made him to be on the outside as a human this tough looking bloke and then on the inside being this weedy looking character, Ryan when he last met Imoen was only acting so tough because he knew she couldn't kill him only Khallid could, however he was still afraid when Imoen stood up to herself and beat him to a pulp. Though Ryan is invincible he can feel pain hence why he didn't do a one-man army to Stormwind or any other base.

I have purposely made this character to be violent so the reader or player doesn't see this coming and it comes to more of a shock to them, just as it would if a friend told you their prince charming was really a basterd.

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