Name Edit

Colonel Ruta Stoneblaster (nee. Blackstone)

Physical Traits Edit

Standing at 4'2", Ruta is a slightly older woman, of sturdy build, and of an older age, but is still reasonably attractive for it. Her hair is a faded blonde, her eyes blue.

Usually seen wearing her Mountaineer uniform, but generally wears the hood of her tunic down, revealling a headband similar to a Wildhammer headpiece, but adorned with feathers from kills she has claimed across Azeroth.

Race and ClassEdit

Dwarf Markswoman ((Hunter))

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Until a few years ago, Ruta was a housewife, tending to her growing three kids while her husband was away from home. Now that the kids are grown up and away on their own, Ruta had too much free time, and carried herself down to the Ironforge recruitment office, where she was a volunteer defender before becoming career military. Details of her military history is available later on.

Family Edit

Parents: Khuren Blackstone (Father) and Maaria Silveraxe-Blackstone (Mother)

Husband: Mordir Stoneblaster, of Stoneblaster Demolitions.

Children: Three, all boys, all grown up.

Background Edit

Growing up from youth in Ironforge, Ruta has always known the sights and sounds of Ironforge, and a city girl at heart, Ruta spent most of her younger years working various jobs in the city. Despite growing up in the inner city of Ironforge, her father still used to take her out to the wilds of Khaz Modan for classic trips of hunting and shooting. Pre second war, while working as a barmaid, Ruta had a runin with a drunken soldier who had got involved in a drunken fight, and had accidentally punched her in the process. Ruta, in retaliation, struck the drunken soldier back, causing the drunken fight to erupt into a brawl.

After being arrested for public misconduct, and left in the cells overnight to cool off, Ruta and the soldier had gotten to speaking. They were married three months later.

The marriage continues to this day, and the pair are very much in love, despite their working lives mean they so rarely see each other anymore, they still communicate through letters.

Military History Edit

Initially a volunteer defender of Khaz Modan, Ruta served in the second war as a relief engineer, after much hasty training in the art of the machine. After the second war ended, Ruta took up being a riflewoman in His Majesty's Army.

She never saw action in the third war, her division assigned to homeland defense of Ironforge. After twenty years of service, her volunteer commission ended, and Ruta was granted leave of release.

Shortly after, Ruta took up a role in the Argent Dawn, first training new marksmen and then later serving as an envoy between the Dawn's Fifth Division and the army of Ironforge, liasing via the Mountaineers 3rd Division, based in Dun Garok, Hillsbrad.

Internal politics of the Argent Dawn saw the Fifth Division collapse into obscurity. It was then that Ruta rejoined the army of Ironforge, as a career military markswoman, and as attained the rank of Colonel, in the abscence of Colonel Ironboot.

Family Background Edit

((Being Worked On.))

Criminal Record Edit

One black mark from her younger years for a brawl in a tavern in Ironforge, with a young Mordir Stoneblaster.

Personal Notes Edit

A stout yet friendly woman, Ruta is equal parts soldier and mother. Serious and dedicated in times of duty, yet off the battlefield, she is both caring and good natured, and often enjoys cracking jokes.

A skilled markswoman, Ruta jokes she could hit a sparrow on Blackrock Mountain from the gates of Ironforge. While that is a clear exaggeration, she is a talented shooter, comparable to the Riflemen that fought in the battle for Mt. Hyjal.

Once took up a passion for hunting Dragons, and has tracked down and killed whelps/dragonkin of various flights. However, one too many close calls made her rethink about whether her hobby should endanger her duty to the King.

A talented engineer, Ruta advanced on the engineering training she received during the second war. Recently found an abandoned Mechanostrider that she fixed up and personalised on her free time, which she rides as often as she can.

Current Status Edit

Alive, serving her King and Country in the Mountaineer 3rd Division, as a Colonel.

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