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( As of currently, the R.A.S. is not active, nor taking new members )

The Royal Apothecary Society is not a guild: it’s an association of people with common interests and skills, a RP group. The R.A.S. is meant to create events, and act as a gathering center for several guilds. The only requirement to join is to have the addon “flagRSP”, to display your rank (Apothecary, Scholar, Doctor or Chemist). We will also share a chat channel, to keep contact.

To join, send an in-game letter to Lashela, requesting membership, and specifying your area of knowledge.

Somehow of a requirement is to have an in-game profession that makes you available to be a Royal Apothecary (Herbalist for Apothecary, Engineering or First Aid for Doctor and Alchemy for Chemist). Having none makes you a researcher (Scholar). This is mostly to include a bit of game mechanics in roleplaying.

Besides this, there are no requirements, but being an active roleplayer, and have imagination to solve tasks we may be required to solve!

Current members of the R.A.S. :

Honorific members (players no longer active):


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