Name Edit

Tiago Rodrigues de Cacém

Theme Song Edit

Knight in Shining Armor by Human Fortress

Physical Traits Edit

Rodrigues is average sized, maybe slightly less muscular then you'd expect in a man trained in melee combat. Also what parts of his face are visible don't seem to be quite lined enough for the bright silver color of his hair and beard... His brown eyes, usually clouded by worries, still sometimes glint with mirth and his deep, rich laugh occasionally surprises companions less than well acquainted with him.

Race and ClassEdit

Human paladin

Guild Edit

The 23rd Patrol

Occupation Edit

Rodrigues is able to recognize and mine orebodys of some kinds and afterwards process the thus attained materials into armour or weapons of some quality. He currently drives a mine tunnel in an undetermined location, together with his wife. (see 'Background' for more details)


Parents and brother are farmers in Westfall, wife and two children somewhere. (see 'Background' for more details)

Background Edit

Rodrigues is the youngest son of a farmer family from Westfall. He was an idealistic, yeah even dreamy child. This led his father sometimes to the verge of despair for it was obvious Rodrigues would never be able take his place as a responsible, productive member of their rural community.

Yet as he had other children more inclined to follow the predetermined path, he eventually relented and accepted the notion of letting his youngest offspring go to seek his own destiny.

So it came to pass that young Rodrigues took to the road towards an unknown destiny. His first travels didn't take him far. Not really knowing what he was actually seeking his steps led him to the nearly located human capital, where he stood wondering in the middle of the street as a cutpurse alleviated him of the few coppers his parents had been able to provide him with.

Hungry and tired he eventually found his way to the Cathedral of Light. And there his benefactor found him, kneeling in front of the altar, praying, crying. The monk, on an errand from Northshire Abbey, sat down at his side, listened to his story. Torn between sending the boy back home or taking him under his wing, he decided for the last. And Rodrigues followed his new mentor and became a monk.

Rodrigues learned. He learned to read and write, learned about numbers and how to calculate them, learned about the history and layout of the lands and of the people who dwelve in them. He sometimes also travelled through these lands, in the wake of his mentor and learned therefore some rudimental abilities in the handling of the weapons they used to defend themselves from road robbers and brigands.

In one of his journeys, he stood fascinated in a forgery, watching the smith - a dwarf as so often met in such places - at his work. And thus learned he the art of forming metals. And as he needed materials to work with, his mentor also led him to yet another dwarf and that one taught him about finding ore. After all, those were also abilities needed and welcome at the abbey.

This - mostly - quiet life of study and contemplation wasn't completely satisfying. As the years passed, he grew restless. He stayed though... until his mentor died of old age.

Now Rodrigues wasn't exactly a young man anymore. Yet his arms were still strong and he felt the need of doing something more then just praise the Light. So he honed his weapon skills and parted.

He became a soldier of the Light. A paladin.

Not an invincible Knight, in a splendorous armour but a man bent on helping the right cause with the means at his reach. Not a high born lord with the high education and intense weapon training, but a reasonable fighter with good manners and a healthy share of common sense... at least until he meets the next blatant injustice. Then common sense flies out the window, as he rides forth to put his sword and his shield at the service of yet another good cause.

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit

Armory page

From tSR, Mat:

" 'Sa souvraya niende misain ye,' -he said aloud.- 'I am lost in my own mind.' "

-- Lusiad's userpage; E-mail to Lusiad

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