Hordecrest small Rilia Morningstar
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Class Paladin
Age 333
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation The Horde
Occupation Blood Knight
Status Alive

Name Edit

Rilia Morningstar (It's Rilian in-game)

Physical Traits Edit

Rilia is a 333 years old Blood Elf Paladin (Blood Knight).

Because of her training, she has a muscular, athletic build and carries herself with the lithe grace of a panther.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf, Paladin (Blood Knight)

Occupation Edit

Rilia is a Jewelcrafter and Miner.

Family Background Edit

Unknown. Rilia does not know her birth parents. She is going under an assumed lastname.

Background Edit

Less than a year old, Rilia was found near the remains of two Quel'dorei killed by the Amani trolls. Rilia survived, because her parents had managed to hide her in a bush before the trolls attacked. By chance, the infant Rilia started to cry when a group of Quel'dorei rangers led by Vereesa Windrunner happened upon the site of the attack. The remains of Rilias parents were too mangled to perform any identification (as the trolls usually eat their victims), and any identifying items or clothing was looted by the troll raiders, though the richness of the cloth swaddling the infant Rilia would suggest a noble lineage.

Since no family could be found, Vereesa entrusted Rilia to the childless Morningstar family. The Morningstars adored the infant Rilia, and raised her as their own. When Rilia was 80 years old, her foster parents told her, that they were not her true parents, and about the troll attack on her real parents.

On the very day she became an adult at 110, Rilia led a strike force composed of fellow Quel'dorei, human allies and the Kaldorei Norbrimbor Ravenwind in an attack that utterly wiped out the Amani tribe that killed her parents.

Rilia was subsequently trained as one of the (then) very rare Quel'dorei Paladins.

At the time of Arthas Menethils attack on Silvermoon, Rilia was far away, at the Quel'Danil lodge in the Hinterlands.

Rillia's reasoning for joining with Kael'thalas and the Blood Elves is that she feels the Light abandoned her people. In her mind, it was unreasonable to cut them off from The Light just because they wanted to rebuild their homeland.

Personal Notes Edit

Rilia is considered beautiful by most and have had many suitors, but thus far her duties as a Blood Knight has made her reject any such advances.

She thinks, that cutting off the Blood Elves from The Light was extremely unfair, and considers the manipulation of the Light she has to resort to in order to keep her abilities as regrettable, but justified by the fact that it is wrong to cut her people off from the Light.

She finds the allegiance of the Blood Elves to the Horde a regrettable state of affairs brought by because of human stupidity. She does not hate humans or other races of the Alliance, but feel they have brought whatever happens upon themselves because of their own stupidity in declaring the Blood Elves traitors because of their desperate alliance with the Naga. She does have something of a soft spot for humans because of their historic alliance with her people.

She has not forgotten, that the Amani trolls very nearly wiped out the Highborne when they first came to the Eastern Kingdoms, and feels that the decision to ally with the Trolls is a serious mistake.

She tends to treat anyone from other races as being lacking in both intelligence and ability unless they prove her wrong.

She truly feel, that Blood Elven society is the pinnacle of civilization, and that the other non-elven races (excepting humans, though she still considers them inferior) are merely uncivilized barbarians. She bears no ill will against her Kaldorei cousins, but thinks they need to "wake up and see the sun".

Rilias greatest desire is to discover her family. She is sure, that some are alive somewhere, and that it is only a matter of time before she is reunited with them.

Personality Traits Edit

Honorable, Confident, Arrogant, Optimistic, Compassionate, Charming, Brooding, Vindictive

Code of Honor Edit

((Based on the real-life Bushido [1] [2]))

  • Rectitude: A knight deals openly and honestly with others and cleave to the ideals of justice. Moral decisions do not come in shades of gray, only right and wrong.
  • Courage: A knight never fears to act, but lives life fully and wonderfully. Respect and caution replace fear.
  • Benevolence: A knight takes every opportunity to aid others, and create opportunities when they do not arise. A knight, as a powerful individual, has a responsibility to use that power to help others.
  • Courtesy: A knight has no reason to be cruel, and no need to prove her strength. Courtesy distinguishes a knight from an animal, and reveals one’s true strength.
  • Honor: A knight’s conscience is the judge of her honor. The decisions she makes and how she carries them out are a reflection of her true nature.
  • Sincerity: When a knight has said that she shall perform an action, it is as good as done. She need not make promises; speaking and doing are as if the same.
  • Loyalty: A knight feels responsible for her actions and their consequences, and is loyal to the people in her care. A knights loyalty to her lord is unquestionable and unquestioning.
  • Wisdom: A knight should always discern the truth of a matter and exercise good judgement in furthering long-time goals.

Current Status Edit

Currently staying at the Silvermoon Inn in the Royal Exchange.

She is looking for work, preferably a family ((guild)) or patron to 'adopt' her.

Send an in-game letter, or whisper me if you want to interview Rilia for her services

Alignment Edit

Lawful Neutral

/Nouala 15:31, 4 August 2008 (UTC)

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