Alliancecrest small Richter Alexis Schneider
Title(s) none
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Rogue
Age 36
Alignment Neutral good
Occupation Freelance mercenary
Status Fighting the undead

Physical Traits Edit

By first glance one sees his cold and blue eyes of a death knight, with a long scar running down on the left one. He is built like an avarage man one would see in Stormwind. His hair is long, dark brown and a bit messy due to time spent on frozen wastes.
He wields a blue colored long sword of draenic origins called Raven Edge. This blade has a blueish glow in it due to the enchantment casted on it a long time ago. It has passed on within his bloodline for two generations


Richter is a lunatic, atleast other person inside his body is. He suffered amnesia after he fougth his father to avange is dead mother. Amnesia caused his mind to "separate" into two parts, Good side and evil side. His good part is rather reserved and carefull but knowlageful. The Evil part has lost all sense of morality. He doesn't care if he kills someone, his only concern is that he will one day see his dead mother once again. Richter's good side was in control majority of time, but during shocking events his evil personality crept in.

In the old days, Richter and fellow guild members of Gradual showed a great disgrace towards criminal guilds of alliance by assaulting and stopping their activities.

Family membersEdit

Schneider familytree v4

Richter's family tree

  • Juste Alexander Schneider (Deceased)
    Richter's little brother and his best friend.
  • Julia Else Schneider (Deceased)
    Mother of Richter. She always cared for Richter and she loved to hear him playing his violin that Simon bougth for him as birthday present.
  • Simon Barnabas Schneider (Deceased)
    Father of Richter and husband of Julia. Worked for Defias Brotherhood.

History Edit

Richter's history is divided into two parts. Before and after begining of his amnesia

History before amnesia

Richter recovered these memories slowly, piece by piece.
Richter's life began in Darkshire. He enjoyed playing violin and exploring surroundings of his home with his little brother, Juste. One day, when Richter was five years old, his father had to run a long errand for his embloyer, leaving the two boys to be taken care of only by their mother. After one year of waiting, Julia believed that he was dead and to ease the pain she fell in love with a local bard. But the life with her new lover did not last long. Her husband came back month after she had married the bard and was shocked by Julia's act. Simon was known for his impulsiveness, but the act he commited was terrifying. He killed Julia and the bard but did not harm his sons. He left without a word to them. Richter was deeply traumatised by this event.
Richter and Juste were taken to orphanage where Richter was bullied until he began training with daggers. Soon his little brother joined him. At this time they both wanted to avange their dead mother. They grew up, both went to study alchemy and herbalism in University of Stormwind. In the university Richter met Maria and they fell in love. They spend few years living happily in Stormwind, but memory of Richter's butchered mother still scorched his mind. He wanted vengeance.
One day gained intel that his father had been seen working as bandit with defias and was hiding in cliffside over Northshire abbey. Richter told about this to Maria and Juste and asked them to help him. They did not want to."Richter our life is running great, we should just forget the troubles of past." Something snapped inside Richter after those words. In his impulsivenes, he killed them both. Running towards his fathers hideout he cried, but his mothers memory warmed him. When he arrived to his fathers hideout, he killed every last of his fathers thugs and faced his father in a glorious duel. Richter managed to disarm his father and watched him beg for mercy. He stabbed him to chest, causing a mortal wound but in his agony, Simon grabbed mace from nearby box and knocked Richter uncouncious. Richter's unconcious body fell down the stream to the orchards of Northshire abbey. Because of the hit on his head, he succumbed to amnesia, but because of it, In a way, a new life was born.

History after amnesia

He woke up inside Northshire Abbey, only remembering his first name. People of Northshire hired him as gardener and gave him a place to sleep. One day a small kobold was trying to sneak behind Richter while he was cutting bushes. Richter reacted quickly and sliced at kobold, killing it before he even knew it. As he watched the ugly kobold bleeding and squirming, he had small flashback of his past. He realized that by fighting, he could reawaken his past memories. He helped people of Northshire to get rid of Defias thugs and kobolds before leaving the place. Now and then he recaived more and more of his past. He worked as mercenary for couple of months before he was recruited by guild called Fortified. He did not admit or talk about of his goals until he let it slip to female nigth elf called Blessings. Few months passed within his new family, untill something triggered his past self to rise from depths of his mind. During this split-personality seizure Richter sneaked into a meeting of the guild's influencing members.
Leader of the guild, Tubaquer found out about this. She ordered Richter to be interigated as a spy. This awoke another one of the seizures and during it he attempted to kill Rioul. He nearly succeeded but Audenn managed to defeat and imprison him. At that time, Rioul was possessed by a demon of Burning legion. The demon took advantage of the confusion and made Audenn and Richter his minions with dark magic. Richter and Audenn escaped the Menethil harbor to train in secret. When they returned they were faced by a elf, Silvesia. She and Richter fought in a single combat, which would ironically be the begining of a very long friendship. She defeated him and forced the demon out from him and Audenn and lastly the demon lord was exorcisted out of Rioul. After this Richter disappeared for a while. These major events had taken toll on Richter's mind and he needed time to think of his situation in secluded forests of Ferelas. When he returned he found out that the leader of Fortified had dissapeared and thus the guild was dead. The remaining members founded the Gradual, a far more succesful movement than Fortified had ever been. The new guild was led by Silvesia.

In next few years Richter's life was filled with excitement as he fought alongside his comrades to create a more peaceful world, the goal Gradual aimed for, but he bit more than he could chew. As he realised this Richter left Azeroth. But in middle of his journey, he was killed by his nemesis Garodaf. His broken body was picked up by scourge cultists in disguise and delivered to the hands of Lich King. He was reborn as a death knight. He served his king with loyalty and slaughtered tens of scarlet soldiers during the battle of New Avalon without any regrets, even after he broke free of Lich King's controll. Richter dedicated his newfound powers in fight against his previous master, for he knew that this was the only true way to create more peacefull world. His new life is dedicated to the same cause he fought for in his younger days. He still wants to see world free of despair.

Quotes Edit

  • Ghh...
  • Hmh?

Influences Edit

  • Richter Belmont, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (video game)
  • Hannibal Lecter, The Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs etc... (movie)

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