Rheldoc Shadowstorm


Appears quite calm and composed, but underneath this exterior, Rheldoc is ferocious and malicious, with no care to the safety of those that get on his bad side. He is generally quite helpful and generous, unless greatly angered. Rheldoc takes great care in all that he does, and will not do anything by halfs. it is thought that the tragedy of his sister had some effect on him, making him more feral. Although no skilled fighter, he would not hesitate to take on even the most seasoned of warriors bare-handed.

Physical TraitsEdit

Rheldoc has long white hair, pulled tight and tied behind his head. Has a scruffy beard, also white. His eyes glow a soft amber, and accentuate his sharp features. he is a somewhat handsome elf, although his years of Piracy and roaming the wilds have taken their toll. His body is built much like any other Night Elf, leaning somewhat on the thin side.


None at present. Was a former Defias Pirate. has been known to take bounties, although he rarely succeeds.


Rheldoc is estranged from his family, after his father ended the suffering of his younger sister. He does not know of their whereabouts, or even if they survived the war. He aims to kill his father, and avenge his sister.


Rheldoc Shadowstorm had a perfectly normal childhood,living just north of what would become known as the Chaos Well. His life was normal and subdued, his mother working as a Tailor, and his father as an Armorsmith for the Night Elf Sentinels. His peaceful life was then shattered, with the arrival of the Orcish Horde to the forests of Ashenvale. Despite the warnings of the Night Elven leaders, Rheldoc's father, Daela, refused to take his family from their home, believing the Sentinels to be strong enough to repel the Horde. The family managed to remain at their home for a few weeks, before they were forced to flee by Mannoroth, the vile pit lord. When his blood was spilt into the Well, causing it to become a Chaos Well, beasts and plant life around it became corrupted. This was a sign to Daela to flee. On the run from thier home, attempting to make it to Darkshore, the Shadowstorm family was struck by a horrible event. While travelling along the coast, the family was ambushed by three Orcs. The Orcs attacked the young family, but Rheldoc, his father and his older brother managed to repel them. However, this came at a great cost. Aelera, Rheldoc's youngest sister, had been gravely wounded. Rheldoc, young and naive, believed his sister would pull through, but his father thought otherwise. He saw it best to end her suffering. Rheldoc, outraged at his father, lunged at him, only to be restrained by his older brother, Mathredis. Knowing what was to come next, Rheldoc ran, wishing not to here the dying breath of his sister. It was the last time he saw his family. The next chapter in Rheldocs life is shady, but it is known that he befriended a young tunaway Grimtotem Tauren, Hruon Smite. The two somehow made their way to Gadgetzan, eventually joining the crew of a Pirate ship. It is thought they stayed here for a few years, gaining the trust of the ships captain, with Rheldoc eventually becoming First Mate. It is believed however, that Hruon did not like this arrangement, and set about framing Rheldoc for an attempted murder on the ship's Captain, Edwin Van Cleef. Rheldoc discovered what Smite planned to do, and fled the ship, romaing the Eastern kingdoms alone, fending for himself. It was here, alone in the wild, that Rheldoc discovered the control he had over beasts, giving him the power to manipulate them to his will. He now lives alone in the wild, controlling various creatures, and roaming the lands, always lsitening for news of the Night Elf called Daela Shadowstorm.

Criminal RecordEdit

Rheldoc has been branded a Pirate by the forces of the Alliance, and is only allowed to roam freely because of his bizzare power. It is hoped that the Magi of Dalaran wil lbe able to decipher his skill,and use it to aide them in the battle against the Lich King.

Fighting StyleEdit

As he is more a thinker than a fighter, Rheldoc does not fight with any particular style. He has no formal training under his belt, and thus is not the most graceful of combatants. Knowing this, Rheldoc devises a careful plan before each fight, using his wits to outsmart his opponant.

Personal NotesEdit

The lands of Kalimdor are Rheldocs natural home, but he has taken to Human lands of Azeroth, Elwynn Forest in particular.

Current StatusEdit

Roaming the lands, attmepting to stay alive. Listening constantly for news on his family. He believes it his right and duty to slay his father for the killing of his sister. He is also attempting to learn some skills from the Magi and priests of theAlliance, in the hope that he can prevent what happened to his sister happening again. Rheldoc has recently aigned himself with a guild known as Twisted, with the belief that a strong guild could help ensure his safety, and aide him the search for his family. However, as a former pirate, his loyalties are not very strong, and he could easily defect to a stronger guild.

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