Name Edit

Rhelas Ozarious Ladimore

Physical Traits Edit

Blonde, slightly organge hair, usually just hanging loose aounrd his head, sometimes pulled back and fixed into a ponytail. He's of average length and weight. He's around 23 years old and is usually seen in a black 'n' red outfit, with a red skull on his chestpiece. As his eye was cut out in the past, he usually wears a red eyepatch.

Race and Class Edit

Human, Paladin - 60

Occupation Edit

Former head of the criminal organisation Outcasts of Stormwind.

Former Shadow Knight serving Annarima

Guardian of The Wild Rose Society.

Family Edit

Rhelas doesn't have much family left, now only his half-sister Cyriandra is alive. His father, Geov Ladimore died when he was about 16 years old, murdered by his own son. His mother, Eva Edenhearth Ladimore got killed by Rhelas aswell, shortly after his father died.

Background Edit

Rhelas was born in a small town in Redridge Mountains, called Lakeshire. He lived there for 16 years, with his father, mother and his elven half-sister Cyriadra. When his father lost his job as a guard of Stormwind City, things went wrong.

Geov started drinking and became a serious addict wich leaded to the many beatings his mother got when his parents argued. For almost 9 years he had to see how his mother got beaten when his dad was drunk, until one day, he couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed a kitchenknife, walked over to his father's bed, who was sleeping that moment, put the knife on his throat and with a quick move to the right, killed him. He knew it was wrong, but it was the only way to save his mother. After realising he killed his dad, his mother woke up and let out a scream as she saw her husband. To silence he put a piece of cloth into her mouth and saw no other way than also killing her. She had seen everything and that couldn't be allowed, so he ended her life, with a few stabs in her chest.

That day he left his house in Lakeshire, where he lived all his childhood. After a day of traveling he reached the gates of Stormwind City. He went to the Cathedral, to confess his sins but as he reached the Cathedral's stairs he decided not to and instead, he went in training to become a paladin. While he was on training, he decided to join The Peoples Militia, but after a huge argue with an elf named Iriana, he was kicked out and told never to return again. It took not so long for him to master the paladin techniques, and after his training, he left the Cathedral of Light and planned never to return.

At that moment, around his 19th, he put up an organisation called Outcasts of Stormwind. He started using his paladin might to commit crimes and succeeded committing them very often. He murdered, pillaged and got more and more corrupted. When he got arrested by The Silver Hand, his organisation fell apart. He lived almost a year in prison. A few weeks after his 20th birthday, he broke out, and went away from Stormwind for a while. As he was traveling around Azeorth, he heard the news of Commander Minetha, who had died. He went to the funeral and when shortly after that The Wild Rose Society was made, he decided to join aswell....

Family Background Edit

As his father and mother were just ordinary people, not much is known about his family.

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