"Restless" is not a name, merely a title.

Physical TraitsEdit

Impatient, grey-uncut hair & a solemn robe.

Race and ClassEdit

He is a human priest.





      • UNKNOWN***


Restless is believed to be the spirit of a malicious entity. The spirit gives Restless the driving power to obtain unstoppable force.

The spirit used to be in a body of a warlock, until one day the body that spirit possesed was destroyed; the spirit found another body and took it's soul, a priest.

Restless has obtained an absolute hatred for all those who he deems 'weak'. His mind is set upon defeating the greater evils of the world, though ironically he aims to achieve this by becoming evil himself.

Family BackgroundEdit

      • UNKNOWN***

Personal NotesEdit

Can sometimes be seen inside the cathedral catching glimpses of a past life*.

  • The spirit brought some knowledge and memories of the previous body.

Current StatusEdit

Alive, healthy.

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