Name Edit

Renaise Zalfaeyr Galwind

Physical Traits Edit

Renaise is pale skinned, even for a Blood Elf. His hair is a mess of dark spikes. Renaise is very tall, and has a slim lithe body. No matter his attire Renaise always wears a silver pendant around his neck. The pendant is set with a small purple stone.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf Hunter

Guild Edit

Occupation Edit

Skinner, Leatherworker, Cook, First Aid


El Ra'em Armolde (Father: Presumed Dead) Alita Armolnde (Mother: Presumed Dead) Karalin Galwind (Sister: Presumed Dead) Captain Kal Galwind (Adopted Father)

Background Edit

Renaise had a somewhat unusual upbringing for a Blood Elf. He, along with his sister Karalin, were seemingly orphaned as small children. A passing Dwarf, alerted to the sound of babies crying, stumbled across them lying in a basket in the snow. Just how and why they had come to be there remains at the moment, a mystery. The Dwarf, who went by the name of Kal Galwind, took pity on the pair and took them home into the warm with him saving their lives. After trying and failing to seek out a family or any information on the children, Kal became attached to them. Eventually decided to adopt them as his own.

As a blood elf raised by a Dwarf, Renaise harbours no ill will to the alliance. Signs of his upbringing are clear however in his occasionally impulsive nature. Renaise however is generally a cheerful and kind person, often helping those in need with little thought or desire for praise. Renaise's speech over the years has changed slightly, it can switch between well spoken and even when calm due to a human education in Stormwind, and uneven, coarse and broken as picked up from his Dwarven upbringing. Kal often refers affectionally to Renaise as "Azeroth's largest Dwarf"

Renaise has a very curious nature. Forever questioning things. But can be a little niave and oblivious to some of the happenings in the outside world. Renaise has a natural affinity with animals, and now he is of age he travels to Blood Elf lands to learn more about his past and begin his training with the Farstrider Rangers.

Family Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit

None thus far.

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit


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