Name Edit

Reéshan Tristus Farlay


Physical Traits Edit

Reéshan has a willow-like look about him, despite being tall, broad, and to those who don't know him, a little scary. His eyes are a pale blue, awkwardly accompanied by his thick brown eyebrows. His nose is angular, but rounded at the end. Whilst not the most sturdy of folk, he certainly looks it.

Race and Class Edit

Male Human Mage

Guild Edit

Currently none.

Occupation Edit

Cataloguer of Azeroth

Family Edit

Father- Felton - Currently destitute after his farm fell into ruin - Location unknown

Mother- Agatha - Currently travelling with her husband - Location unknown

Background Edit

"There is a maxim in life which is innate to all Light-serving folk. 'Serve others, placing the greater good before yourself.' In an ideal world, this rule would suffice in all aspects of reality. Unfortunately, Azeroth is not an ideal world. Therefore, another truth must be brought to light: 'If your own life is not to concern yourself, whose life, then, is?' The answer, in an ideal world, is noone. Where is the balance between the two, wherein the ideal and the reality intertwine, providing the perfect balance of selfish- and selfless-ness?"

Reéshan proposed this problem at the tender age of twelve. His parents knew then that he was destined to become a great thinker. Unfortunately, they did not have the money it takes to train a great mage, and so at sixteen, he left home to seek his fortune as a travelling initiate mage. Over the years he has solved many problems for others, free of charge, slowly but surely climbing the ranks of the arcane arts.

Reéshan is an amiable person, who may at first come off as quiet and neurotic. However, his passion for the arcane, the unknown, and a good old-fashioned debate about the mysteries of life will soon pry his lips. He enjoys reading, writing, and occasionally composes short works of music, though he is reluctant to share these with those he does not know extremely well.

Some believe that there is more to him than meets the eye, that his silent yet questioning nature is due to some great trauma or traumas from his past, though people have been wrong before. Has a habit of conjuring items that don't quite fulfil their intended purpose. Far from useless, they serve to remind Reéshan that he still has a long way to go...

Current status Edit

Wandering the land, searching for both answers, and his family.

Personal Notes Edit

Reéshan's thirst for knowledge transcends all notions of good and evil, and is often shocked when others chastise him for his actions. He finds it difficult to socialise, because as a child he was isolated from other children. Most of his formative years were spent in Stormwind, working at the local bookshop, staying after hours to read anything and everything the owner would let him near.

Trivia Edit

  • Reéshan is based on a poem:

Where runs the river? Who can say, Who hath not followed all the way, By wilders green and mountains grey, And blossoms blue?

  • Is obssessed with perception, and is quick to mediate an argument, finding it easy to take both sides.
  • Whilst remarkably well-adjusted, he is often saddened by the disappearance of his parents.
  • His only memento of his parents is an Apprentice's Robe which his mother made him
  • Is deathly afraid of being touched, even by some who know him very well.

Quotes Edit

  • "Perception is a most powerful ally"
  • "Most of my friends are books *grin*"

Friends Edit

Influences Edit

  • My own odd traits
  • Poetry

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