Ray Garner Captain of the House guards, pulling one of his trademark poses


Ray Garner


Ray is 6’ 4” tell with glowing green eyes, dark tanned skin with a good build he has long black hair.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood elf

Blood Knight


Chaotic Good


House Darkstorm- He has no family connection to these people but he's skills impressed Eshteheru and while he was drunk he signed on.


Captain of the House guards


Father: Zack Garner [Deceased] - Murdered by Arthas

Mother: Luna Archer [Deceased] - Murdered by Arthas

Brother Tien Garner [Deceased] - Murdered by Arthas


Ray started his life just after the troll war had ended, he lived a simple life with his mother, father and older brother who all had a goal in their life.

His father trainned as a swordsman and a blacksmith whilst his mother trainned as archer and his brother became a priest.

Ray however didn't know what he wanted to be as nothing really took his intrest, so to make ends meet he would usualy take up simple jobs around town that would require no education or any real skills.

When the first and second war took place Ray's mother and father joinned a small group of adventurers to try and bring justice to their lands and give them a safer future. When their parents returned they told them stories of thier exploits as Death Knight hunters.

However after a visit from a friend of the war Ray and Tien's parents became more elusive and the two hardly saw them, it was then that Ray met his companion Mogthar who's name was shortened to Mog. The two got on really well but Mog was seen more of a pet than a part of the fammily.

As time went on Ray and Tien moved out of their parents manor and bought their own house. Ray's mother Luna, told the boys of their friends new baby girl and was to bathed in the holy waters in the Cathedral of Andorhal, at the ceremony Ray saw Imoen for the first time.

As the years went on Ray didn't know Imoen to well only from hear say of the half elf girl who's father never looked after her, he felt sorry for her but he had his own problems. Money was getting short and there were rumors of anouther war.

One day Tien approached Ray and told him that Nalia's father had left Imoen permanetly and that Nalia had asked Ray to baby sit Imoen whilst she went out to give her father a good talking to.

Ray had never met such a trouble maker, that night she was constantly pulling pranks on him or hiding when he had to take her to bed.

Imoen grew up quickly and started to catch up to Ray's age in elven years, soon the two became good friends and Ray started to grow a crush for her, he spoke to his brother about this beliving it was wrong to fancy someone he used to baby sit only a few years ago but his brother laughed at him telling him that in a few years both of them will be the same age and will stay that way till they die due to their heritage so it was perfectly normal.

With this news Ray wanted to tell Imoen how he felt about her but could never find the right moment or the courage, in the end he was to late and a older man known as Ryan started dating Imoen.

Word spread round about how Ryan treated Imoen and Ray would always try and be the hero and save Imoen but he would always end up getting beaten up by Ryan and his thugs.

After a year Ryan proposed to Imoen and they were to be married much to Ray's sadness, he felt angry that his brother would preach to him about the light and how it would bring justice to Ryan yet he was the one getting Imoen's hand in marriage.

When the scourge attacked Andorahal Imoen was at Lorderon and soon word broke out of Strathome and then of Arthas's campaign to Northrend. When he returned however he slew most of the city folk of Lorderon and Ray fearing the worst belived Imoen was killed. He heard nothing for days until word broke out about the fall of Andorhal and that everyone had died in the village.

Soon Arthas came knocking on his front door and admist the choas Tien told Ray to grab the weapons from his father's blacksmithy basement to grab some weapons, when Ray went down to grab them however Tien bolted the door trapping Ray and Mog inside.

All Ray could do was listen as the war broke out around them, then when all seemed lost he heard the shouts of a voice he had reconised, Kael's voice.

He shouted out to get help and soon the doors swung open, he hadn't seen light for what seemed liked weeks and a man named Alorion pulled him out of the wreckage, Kael told him that he was one of very few surviors left and that though his people had suffered greatly he wouldn't have to worry.

As the weeks went by Ray started having huge headaches, the children and the elderly died around him. Ray was worried that he to may suffer their fate that his people's time was about to come to an end.

However all was not lost and Prince Kael'thas had found them a cure, to some it seemed like madness but to others they were just happy to get rid of the pain. The cure was fel magic, a demon in a crystal who they would tap into to beat their addiction but they were warned that they shouldn't over do it.

Then a new gift was given to them, Mu'ru. This being was strange to Ray at first but all he was told was that this creature would give him the skill and power he would need to get revenge on the scourge and help him defend his home. Feeling the guilt of not being able to defend Silvermoon the first time he gladdly took up the offer and became a Blood knight.

During his trainning he met up with a girl called Nina, the two of them got along really well and eventually the two feel in love and were due to be married, however she was called up to Outland and Ray was told to try and maintain some contact with the horde.

He later impressed a noble known as Eshteheru, he was later apointed as Captain of the guards by her brothers whilst Ray was drunk.

Soon Ray came to like the noble house he was working with, the nobles payed him well and it was enough for him to live on but as times went on he learnt of their dark intent and when he found that they were working for a cult known as the dark embrace who had tortured his best friend Imoen, he left the nobles.

He soon after met a friend of his known as Napolon, he told him about a group he was with called the Order of the sun and after Ray's first encounter with Won he decided to join up and fight for the greater good to clear his name. As time went on he made many friends within the order but war had weighed to heavily on some of his friends and they decided to settle down.

Soon him and Won became close friends and he even started to have a slight crush on Won, despite him being engaged to Nina. Soon the order became part of his life, they went out to free the lands of any evil and strengthen their ties with the horde but it never seemed to be enough.

Soon he got a letter from his old mentor Alorion, who had told him that Nina had betrayed Kael and joinned the Scryers, he was later questioned by a gang of blood knights who took the questioning to far and ended up torturing him in the slums of the Undercity, with the help of his companion Mog, he managed to kill his captors and escape.

Soon he was told that his Fiannce Nina had been executed, tied up and thrown off of Outland to be sent to hell. Upset by this news he asked the Order of the sun to aid him and to his surprise a Forsaken who had always been a thorn in his side helped him summon her from hell and bring her to Azeroth. She died from her wounds and the summoning was to powerfull for her to keep her alive but Ray and his friend had saved her soul from being trapped in hell.

Ray mounred the loss of his Fiancee and even thought of leaving his blood knighthood behind thinking that the two should of stayed as civilians and lived together instead of fighting but again Mog helped Ray understand that it was her choice to defend her home and she knew the risks, Ray understood this and continued trying to strengthen his tie with the horde.

As the Order crumbled due to leadership problems and petty bickering and soon all of Ray's friends left him to do their own thing, Ray wondered what he would do and felt lost. It was only until he saw wanted posters of Solance in the streets for murder did he join his third group, the city guard.

They knew Ray quite well and they gladly let him in to become a town guard and for a few months he served his people well. He bumped into his old friends who used to hate him for still serving the prince and soon even Won didn't keep in touch for long.

Then everything he held dear crumbled before his eyes, Alorion had returned to Silvermoon to reclaim Mu'ru aswell as try and get Ray to fight by his side with his prince. He told Ray that the attacks on Outland were indeed true and not anouther rebelion his supriours had told him and told Ray that the reason behind this was that the horde were the true evil.

He told Ray that the horde would never truely see his people as people but soliders, that they would never find a cure for his people or at least help and would rather watch them all die out than try and save them. Ray thought about what Alorion said and he couldn't help but think the same.

It was only till Alorion told Ray that Won and his other Horde friends were backstabbers did he stop listening to Alorion and told him that his allies the demons were just as bad, however Alorion told him that at least they had found them a cure and were aiding them in war, something the horde should of done.

Mog stood up and told Ray that Alorion was a madman and he shouldn't follow him as he would only lead him to kill his own friends, Alorion was angered by Mog's words and decided to absorb his magical energies making Mog disapear.

Ray knew then that Alorion couldn't be trusted and tried to fight him but was defeated, Alorion told him he had one week to think over his actions and join his side.

Ray ran to booty bay and bought a house there to hide from Alorion and not put anymore lives at risk, he had lost all his blood knight powers due to Mu'ru being stolen and was back to square one, a civilan.

Soon Alorion came to booty bay to find Ray and told him to join him, Ray refused and soon a band of adventurers attack Alorion to claim a bounty that had been placed on his head. Ray ran as fast as he could but Alorion gave haste and he soon bumped into Maderlin and a orc shaman who was with her, the shaman fought galliantly against Alorion but was ultimately killed by him and made his way towards Ray and Maderlin.

Imoen suddenly turned up who had been hot on Alorion's trail, who was also looking to claim a bounty on Alorion's head. She beat Alorion and Alorion escaped threw a portal to Quel'danis.

(( More later ))

Family BackgroundEdit

Ray's family the Garner's were a very military family but also a loving family who all took care of each other, Ray was the youngest in the family and always tried to impress his older brother Tien. They used to get on really well his brother would always take him to see the knights of the silver hand.

As for Ray's parents they used to love Ray alot but because of their jobs they never spent as much time as they wanted with him.

It was Tien that used to take care of Ray he always took care of him and was always by his side making sure he never got into to trouble and it was that eventually killed him.


Ray has changed over time, his egoticiscal side is only now used when he fights demons or scourge where he will shout threats at them.

However Ray has become more stupid, talking in third person (which was later stoped by Mog) and generaly not understanding very simple rules.

Since he has joinned the guard he has been forced never to drink booze again, it has been going for three months now and because of this Ray's IQ has raised somewhat so he understands basics things slightly more.

When drunk (which was alot) Ray becomes a stereotypical hero shouting cheesy lines at anyone who dares do evil deeds and jump into danger head or sword first.


Ray Garner doing his famous pose now a blood knight master.

Rayy 2

Ray Garner In his blood knight master armor whilst wielding a unusal blade

Current StatusEdit

Things have got worse for Ray, Mog has been presumed dead and despite Ray managing to become a paladin and finding out the light has always been there for him, he is now frammed for poisoning most of Azeroth with pure arcane and trialed with Execution in order for the blood elves to still be on good terms with the horde.

He is now in his cell waiting for his execution.


I've used a bit of a Baldur's gate character called Minsc a very very good character he used to talk to his pet hamster Boo, only minsc could hear boo talk and I decided to add this to Ray mearly because it's great fun.

Apart from that Ray's infulence was from the main character in Baldur's gate, who started off just a run of the mill guy to a brave hero who was feared. I also like the idea that Ray uses the demons to fuel his magic just like the main character in Baldurs gate had a great evil inside of him.

Ray is a good character but he does fight the urge to do terrible deeds due to his new found mana source.

I have done a wiki on mog which is here: Mog

And here are the links to minsc and boo

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