Lord Rag'Thas Darkstorm

Physical TraitsEdit

At the age of about 800 years (So old he doesnt remember his own age, like he cares). Proud, honorable and always with his head high with only a little sense of noblety.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf/Paladin


House Darkstorm


Blood Knight, Adventurer and Commander of The House Guard



House Darkstorm


Silmarwyn Darkstorm - Sin'dorei

Jeselith Darkstorm - Sin'dorei

Eshteheru Darkstorm - Sin'dorei

Distant relative (Not known):

Entriia Darkstorm - Kaldorei


Rag'Thas has from his younger age been a rebel too his parents as he was more of a troublemaker then a noble. He was always being the one bullied and used his fists when he couldn’t stand up to the other kids, but through the years he became a lot more mature and as he grew he became more accepted in the Darkstorm family.

The time came when he decided to leave the easy life of a noble and become an adventurer, when his parents didn’t care much about him leaving as they had pretty much given up on him of becoming a real noble.

He got both bad and good experiences from his adventures which changed his personality over the years, but mostly he keeps all his experiences a secret, cause he has learned many things that would probably not be accepted in his homeland.

The experience that had the most influence on him is when he was ambushed and captured by a bunch of trolls and was thrown into a giant cage with other adventures to become a pit fighter to fight for the trolls amusement. He slowly befriended a Kal'dorei woman called Nari, who taught him more how to fight with a sword so he could survive the many pit matches he was to encounter. In the pit the rules was that ether you kill your opponent and your life is spared for next pit match or if none are willing to kill you are both slayen. It was unavoidable that he had to fight Nari one day and possibly kill her, they didnt talk about it as they knew what they had to do that day, fight for your life or get killed. And sure after countless pit matches and a few years in the cage they were to be the next. Ragthas killed her and watched his best friend in the cage disappear before his eyes, but what he remembers her for is the last words she ever said to him in the cage. "I have seen so many die here, so many of my friend pass on by my hands... Now i want to end it, i want you to fight to kill and save your own life... I want to clean these hands of all the blood", Those were her last words and first after the battle her really understood what feelings she had at that moment. Some time after that there was a prison break and some of the captives escaped the cage with their lives, here Ragthas. He started his life over and began to have the same feeling as Nari, "I want to clean these hands of all the blood".

He always returned years apart to look after his family, which was pretty much the only reason he wasn’t forgotten by the family, but once he returned to a call for war and he was called into service in the third war.

He fought aside his bretheren pretty much for the first time in his life. He watched many of his kind die on the battlefield some on distance, some in his arms. He fought at the sunwell with all his remaining bretheren and when the sunwell failed, he began to defend the survivors from the scourge. When they began to overrun him he carried one of the soldiers who had fallen and escaped with the remaining survivors.

He then left the refugese to return to a ruin which was once his family’s home. He waited there for weeks hoping some survivors would return, but none showed up.

Four years after that he heard rumors of The Darkstorm family rising in Silvermoon City again, and he returned once again to find faces he knew.

Family BackgroundEdit

House Darkstorm

Criminal RecordEdit

Clean (Only cause he has never been turned in).

Personal NotesEdit

Rag'Thas can be kind and helpful, but can quickly turn angry and cruel if annoyed.

He doesn’t care about if his called by his title or being looked down upon as his relatives, as he believes its childish to get angry about it and he finds it of no use in his way of living. He doesn’t feel the need to respect the other races, but accepts them in his presence. Rag'Thas was always seen as The Black Sheep in The Darkstorm Family cause of his way of living and his way of dealing with problems.

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