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Night Elf/High Elf


((Please use this only for informational purposes and not for metagaming ;) ))

Quelas has spent most of his life, if not all of it, guarding the forest in Darkshore. A loving mother raised him, he never knew his father. When he was old enough he learnt that his father was in fact a high elf, because of this fact they were always forced to live in the wilds. This is also the reason why his skin colour is different to that of many other night elves, taking on a reddish tint. Away from the great night elf cities he spent most of his life in animal form, hiding from those who would see him as a half-breed or unclean. After a few years he heard about the great war against the scourge but never interfered with it. He kept out of trouble and only cared for his animal brethren and the balance of the forest in which he spent his years. The forest stood tall and proud almost matching Ashenvale in the eyes of Quelas, but as time went on he started seeing cracks and riddles forming on the forests surface. He was struck in awe when he learnt that many other forests were also tainted with an unseen, foul energy.

Seeing his forest rotting from the inside out and his animals being driven mad he spent many weeks thinking of what to do. It was then that he met a human named Karina, wondering over a bridge near his grove. After speaking to her he learnt that there were huge cities. Even though he had never been in one and knew he would hate leaving his forest behind he knew he had no choice in the matter. After a few more weeks of preparation he set off into the unknown and sometimes strange world, leaving his beloved forest behind him, vowing to return someday with a cure.


Currently Quelas can be found around Karina, who by luck, found him starving in the Park district of Storm Wind some time ago. After saving his life he knew he owed her a great debt, he unfortunately let his chance to redeem himself fade away when she was attacked and he was to slow to stop the assassin. Now he serves as her personal bodyguard, always there to protect her, whilst at the same time learning as much as he can about the Cities and politics that go with them. He hopes that by adapting to the city life he can find a cure that remained elusive in the wilds, to save Darkshore of the coming corruption.

"You humans underestimate us animals..." - Quelas Ragebrood

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