Radgast.T.Brown A.K.A "Tex" A.K.A by SWFD "Code 113" A.K.A By SW Insurance "Clause 31"

Physical TraitsEdit

Radgast is about 6 Foot tall and is male. has brown hair brown eyes and a rather Skinny frame and a constant nervous Twitch. has a scar on his left hand due to many spells gone wrong cults ejected from and other incedence

Has constently growing eyebrows and scars on his back from numerous things (See fast feet)

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warlock




None exept paid by insurance companies to stay away from major events partys and famous inns


Radgast has no family and does not know if any exist


Radgast Temperance (Sometimes replaces middle name with The)Brown was brought up in SW and know the area like his own hand he was brought up in a inn called the kings arms in witch he left after SW was destroyed he returned to SW and began work in the Slaughterd Lamb where he acidently cast Shadow bolt singing a warlocks ear the warlock then proceeded to train him as he saw potentiall and later radgast returned to the Lamb for more training Due to an aciddent which happend during a theroy test radgast became nevry and summoned a large four legged warp creature which ate the tester and took the entire inn to subdue.aftyer that radgast was only able to summon an annoying imp and a Loyal voidwalker radgast was only able to cast small spell without either failing or over compensateing

Currently the most powerful warlock in existance.....But has no idea that he is but subconciosly(See Qwerty)

Family BackgroundEdit

Radgast was left at the Kings arms and his only "Family" would be his deamons his tutor and his Inherated staff

Criminal RecordEdit

None but has Numerous Insurance papers to his name for the damages as follows 1 keg of beer (while aiming at a bottle on the bar and missing earning the nickname "Tex") 3 tables,4 wall repairs,15 Chair repears,1 houseing estate,5 horse draw carts, and numerous Bar fights Fires E.T.C

Personal NotesEdit

Chotai The imp Has caused radgast to get into trouble a huge ammount of times

Fast Feet Allows radgast to Run from ANYTHING

Not a killer Radgast will not take a life No matter how much ChoTai eggs him on Radgast will only kill a person when hes Neck deep in the brown stuff and sinking

Qwerty Radgasts great power has a side effect being very powerful and not knowing it he has an "Alter Ego" calling itself Qwerty. Qwerty has never shown himself to date. Qwerty is a contiousness that has no sense of right or wrong and has no fixed persona sometimes it will be a surfer like attitude others an invicible madman on the edge but it is never like radgast it controlls his power when he is afraid or asks its help when he finds it...Qwerty will kill if he has ANY Reason to. he controls 10% of the brain when not in control Vice versa when Qwerty is in the driveing seat. qwerty claims he is radgasts real name and that he may guard radgast from death if none of the "paranoia" defenses work he aims better and casts better than radgast

Paranoia is Qwertys way of helping radgast live radgast because of this wears a light chain shirt under his robe and has a soulstone containing his soul in case of emrgencies Qwerty will often make Radgast Duck run or hallucinate to avoid Aroows swords or other suprise attacks like ducking to pick up an imagenery coin in the first attack of an arrow

Current StatusEdit

Hideing from many differnet people in his flat at SW Stockade

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