Next Scheduled RacesEdit


22nd July 2006Edit

  • TAA Druidic Triathlon

Gold Medal - Duzell Silver Medal - Carnelian

  • Lost Order Summer Stakes

Gold Medal - Lilyana Silver Medal - Rhyye Bronze Medal - Aicc

  • Dragonslayer's Challenge Cup

Gold Medal - Truepadi Silver Medal - Berdrin Bronze Medal - Peacebloom

  • Stormwind Intermediate Sprint

Gold Medal - Acer Silver Medal - Thrydan Bronze Medal - Alon

  • Stormwind Marathon

Gold Medal - Alcohlichus Silver Medal - Senneuh Bronze Medal - Chortan

  • Klen-Ais Challenge Cup

Gold Medal - Sis Silver Medal - Ibelin Bronze Medal - Kuranaga

(Race Day)

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