Event SummaryEdit

Race Day, or Day At The Races, is an Alliance only event in which Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes compete in various speed competions for prizes and the renown of all Azeroth! The event was initiated by Xala, and is hosted by the Talah Adore Alshar. There are Nine Trophies to be won, each one sponsored by an individual or Guild of the Alliance. There are suggested entry 'donations', but after the first event Xala has decided that these are not mandatory, as Prizes and Refreshments are often supplied by sponsoring guilds and prominent philanthropists. The Event Location varies depending on the race type, and the races are based in various main cities of the Alliance.

The Next Race DayEdit

The next Race Day is yet to be scheduled. The Lobar Joltspark Golden Spurs, and the Inter-Guild Relay are awaiting a new date.

The TrophiesEdit

The routes are subject to change, but these are the basic trophies

  • The TAA Druidic Triathlon

A race for druids who have Bear, Water, and Travel forms. The starting line is at Thelsamar, where the druids will assemble in Bear Form. They will proceed via the fastest route they can find to the Stoneworks Dam. They will then travel to the south of the Loch in water form (jump in where the steward is standing.) Upon exiting the lake by the second steward, druids will then transform into Travel form for the run to Ironforge. There the race ends as you enter the chamber where King Magni sits.

  • The Lost Order Summer Stakes

A sprint race for anyone who owns a mount! A simple sprint around the outer ring (or perhaps two) of Ironforge for those of season 40 and above. Breakneck speed and the perfect route will make you the first ever winner of this race! Starting line is outside the bank and auctionhouse, and shortcuts are not allowed. Sponsored by The Lost Order

  • The Dragonslayers Challenge Cup

Another sprint race reserved for the heroes of Azeroth; those who have earned the right to the swiftest of steeds. Those of season 60 are invited to compete for the , a race created as a monument to hope replacing fear, and a light in the darkness. As with the Summer Stakes, the Cup is a sprint 2 times around Ironforge, no short cuts, and first across the line is the winner

  • The Stormwind Intermediate Sprint

This second sprint race is for slightly more seasoned competitors of between 11 and 20 seasons, The same route as the Junior Race, and you must stick to the road - our stewards will be running alongside you on mounts to make sure you stick to it. First through the front door of the Cathedral takes home the prize.

  • The Stormwind Marathon

This longer run is for the toughest of the tough - these people have been running around the Eastern Continent and Kalimdor for many of their seasons now, and start from the Bridge in Lakeshire. From there they must run through Redridge and Elywnn Forst, sticking to the road, and finally finish by running through the Cathedral's Front Door. As with all the other races, all speed enhancements are allowed!

  • The Klen-Ais Challenge Cup

Sponsored by Xala herself, this is a long distance race for anyone who owns a Normal Mount. Starting in Stormwind Cathedral Square, runners rush to the Town Hall in Darkshire and back, making knowledge of the terrain as important as mount speed in this first of the long distance races.

  • The Lobar Joltspark Golden Spurs

This long race has not yet been won, and the trophy remains uncollected. Riders who own Epic Mounts are challenged to ride from Stormwind, to Sentinal Hill, to Darkshire, then to Lakeshire, and finally back to Cathedral Square. Sponsored by Lobar Joltspark.

  • The Alliance Inter-Guild Relay

Not run in the last Race Day, due to lack of participants.

Cancelled RacesEdit

  • The Stormwind Novice Sprint

This short foot race is for those between the seasons of 5 and 10, competitors start from the fence in Goldshire, and must run along the roads to the Cathedral in Stormwind City. The first to run through the front door of the Cathedral will take the prize, and have the priviledge of being presented with the first trophy at the Prize Ceremony Later on. - Cancelled due to lack of interest

How to EnterEdit

Register to race by sending an in-game mail to Xala saying which races you wish to enter. We ask that you spend a donation of 1s. Any proceeds left over go towards the next race day.

Previous Race DaysEdit

Press RoomEdit

Roleplaying & Race DayEdit

Race Day is intended to be a roleplaying event, and the organisers are attempting to foster a situation where roleplay can take place. We are looking for all and any roleplay that can be based around the Races, including long running rivalries, betting rings/race fixing, the creation of a 'Turf Club', and anything else you can think of. If you have started a plot with connections to Race Day, feel free to link it here

  • Plot Name - A betting ring and horse nobbling outfit
  • Plot Name - Jockey turns up dead after losing the Golden Spurs to arch rival.

Etc etc.

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