Quinlas Dorothy, Lord of Blackwater castle.


Quinlas Dorothy, art by me.


Quinlas' childhood mostly took place in Lakeshire, his mother and uncle had relatives there, and were helped out by the people of the village. Not shortly after he had turned five, his uncle was murdered brutally by a sadistic Cultist leader. His mother was spared and got beaten and raped repeatedly.

Quinlas, who wanted to intervene, was no match for the eight adults that surrounded him and his mother. There was no choice left but to close his eyes and hope it would be over soon. On the contrary, the worst was yet to come... The leader of the group clasped his long fingernails around his arm, dragging Quinlas away from his mother. He can still remember her screaming for his name, untill he was too far away to even hear it.

Everything turned black.

Three days later he regained his consciousness, they had arrived at Blackwater castle, a large Gothic castle surrounded by large black flags. It's sigil was a purple water drop with a black background. The man who sat behind him whispered in a deep voice: Welcome home, my boy.

Even though he despised the men who had torn him away from his home and family, he didn't feel imprisoned or locked away. In fact, the whole castle was his to explore, it was much bigger than the house he had to share with the village baker.

After they arrived, the cultist leader introduced himself, his name was Verius Dorothy. Quinlas would now cary the same surname, and would also become his loyal apprentice. Needless to say his master told him everything he had to know about the dark arts of magic, and what horrors one could posess.

His master offered him a silver cup, filled with a sort of black liquid. After he drank this potion, he could feel his memories being washed away, everything he knew or loved had vanished. Forever.

His mind corrupted and his heart destroyed. He was ready to be swallowed by the darkness, and prepared to witness the cruel form of madness that awaited him.

His father led him to the inner sanctum, hidden deep beneath the dungeons of this forsaken castle.

As much as it scared him, the black altars were magnificent to behold. A dark statue, almost gargoyle like, had blood dripping from it's mouth. Beneath them stood a black cilinder table covered with tiny drips of blood. Bones and pieces of flesh spread out in a large sacrificial pit. Inside the pit there waited a lurking monster that was kept in a cage by his master.

During these sacrifices Quinlas showed much interest and a great amount of enjoyment, his sadistic and cruel mind was fed by these horrible events, and inspired him for new torture methods to apply on animals he caught in the woods nearby.

At the age of twenty, his master allowed him to pick out members of a nearby village to throw in the lurker's pit, the people he chose were mostly children, because he had no doubt after he would sacrifice children, men would shudder to even speak of him. But in fact he was hated, judged for not being a true son of the great Master of Blackwater castle. A bastard, tormented and driven mad by his own master.

Quinlas' illusionary form, mostly used to frighten his opponenets.

After reaching the age of twenty five, he left his Master's residence. Spending most his time enslaving young village girls, in a vain attempt to control them without any form of resistance. His ambitions have not been very succesful.

Recently, he has joined the order of The Dark Embrace.

The cultist familyEdit

Quinlas was a member of a Cultist group that existed of multiple families, one of them being the Laudress family.


Quinlas Dorothy.Art by me.


Quinlas suffers from a distasteful nature, however his slight insanity has not been visible for years. He never enjoys talking about private matters out of fear they might be turned against him. He also appears to be sexually attracted by young girls, say nine or ten years old. How he developed this sick attraction is yet unknown.

He is vile, malignant and spiteful. But acts like a gentleman when accompanied by superiors.

Quinlas despises inferiors such as farmers, traders etc. But he was constantly reminded by his master he would be one himself if he didn't get separated from his mother.

Physical traitsEdit

A square, plain face. A few moles cover his skin above his left eyebrow. Ravenblack hair, often combed or worn loosely. A fine nose and a cruel looking mouth with full lips. His eye sockets seem dark and unhealthy. A long pink scar is carved in his cheek, unveiling his violent past.

His choice of fashion varies from rather dark to purple colours. Often long, black boots, with sharp spurs on the back of it's heels used to harm his horse when it's disobedient. Chains wrapped around his gloves and black leather pants. A large belt that covers most of his waist, adorned with tiny silver spikes. A long cape attached to his shoulder pads. A small blade is kept hidden under the long sleeves of his black winter coat. He also carries a monocle with him, hidden in his pocket.



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