Name Edit

Qialynna Sarristal

Physical Traits Edit

A deep blue skinned, female Draenei with down-curved craniel extensions, and long hair.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei Priestess

Guild Edit

Sacred Circle

Occupation Edit

Professions: Mining Occupation: Artificer & Healer's Assistant to the Exarch of Bloodmyst Isles.



Background Edit

In a coma since the crash, Qialynna woke up with little to remember but her name and her belief in the Light. Since waking, she spent much of her time looking for survivors, trying to find a familiaer face. She has no recollection of her family, and very little of her life before the crash, though the Exodar causes her great distress when she wanders through it's halls.

Family Background Edit

One of several of her generation in her family, has no recollection of them.

Personal Notes Edit

Open for challenging RP

Current Status Edit

Training in Bloodmyst Isle

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