Name Edit

Hamaal Pridehoof

Physical Traits Edit

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren Druid

Guild Edit

The Warsong Council

Occupation Edit

  • Leader of the Warsong Council


Nobody knows, Pridehoof wont tell

Background Edit

Hamaal Pridehoof ran the Warsong Council to defend against the Silverwing Sentinals. They fought and they grew for a long time, Harbouring many great members such as Ceara, Rothbane and Steelhoove. Eventually this power was eyed by the jealous pirate, Armos Bloodtotem of the Bloodtotem Pirates. The two factions clashed but with the sudden disappearence of Armos the Pirates were defeated. The Council again grew but with the sudden reappearence of Armos as a Twilight Cultist and newfound Power

Family Background Edit

Nobody knows, Pridehoof wont tell

Personal Notes Edit

Often covers his face with something, A wolf's head or Trollish Voodoo Mask.

Current Status Edit

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