Name Edit

Pockie, Magister Templi and Grand Duck of the Knights of Genovia.

Physical Traits Edit

As Pockie usually hides her face behind a Voodoo Mask or her Shadowcraft Cap, most people have not actually seen what she looks like - unless they have stood by her side in battle, when she usually takes the mask off ("I can't bloody well see a thing in this, can I?").

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome rogue.

Guild Edit

Knights of Genovia.

Occupation Edit

Elemental leatherworker, preacher of the Holy Squid.


Not much is known about Pockie's family, though she often refers to her mother as looking as a member of the Horde. Rumour has it that her father is a Trogg, but the Knights of Genovia denies any knowledge of this. Pockie is not the one to talk either and when asked about her family, she usually mutters something about "...disgusting Gnomeragan milk..." and curses a lot.

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