Extracts from the archives of the guild Axe and Anvil on the known history and events surrounding the life of Ozprey Darkbinder

Name Edit

Ozprey Darkbinder

Ozprey Darkbinder Edit

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Physical Traits Edit

A shock of long blond hair stands Ozprey out from most Warlocks, he is in his late twenties and although youth is still on his side, scars of battle are evident on his arms and face. He often looses himself in thought and can appear to look straight through people, during an incident in Booty Bay one of the survivors mentioned "it was like the crazy warlock was eyeing up me soul"

Ozprey also has a false left foot cast from a single bar of Mithril, he lost his real foot as a young boy when he mistakenly tangled with the Merlocs outside Menathil. His false foot has become a part of him and rarely makes itself evident. Although a deep rooted fear of Merlocs will cause Ozprey to shudder just by mentioning their name.

Ozprey does like to get involved in hand to hand combat and despite his lack of skill his physical size does make him a formidable combatant. However a reckless unarmed assault on a tower guard in Alterac Valley cost him an eye, charred remains of the unfortunate guard were found in the debris of the tower after the enraged warlock brought forth his true powers. Because of his vanity Ozprey has taken to wearing an eye patch to cover the empty eye socket.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warlock

Guild Edit

Ozprey is an Axe in the house of Summoning within the guild of Axe and Anvil

Occupation Edit

A Master Miner and Master Jewel Crafter


Father Ozcor once a renowned rouge and founder member of a gang taken over by Carl Sorrell. Ozcor was until recently a trader and resident of Stormwind. Something has happened to Ozcor and he has gone missing these events are unkown to Ozprey, guild records are vauge but some memebers of the Axe and Anvil know full well what has happend, It has been deamed wise not to disclose this information to Ozprey.

Mother Lea Darkbinder a Druid and resident of Menethil left on expedition two years ago current status unknown

The only other known relative is Ozpreys Uncle Sori Darkbinder a warlock of distinction, he still instructs warlocks who travel to Stormwind in search of knowledge and power.

The Darkbinder family crest is a Raven flying over a hand with blue flames shooting from the finger tips embossed with the motto "A curse on all your foes"

HIstory to date Edit

As a youth Ozprey was thought to be destined to follow the Path of the Light. He was sent to Stormwind at the age of five to the great Cathedral to study. He showed a lot of promise, many of the priest remarked on his astonishing ability to remember and recall vast texts and rituals.

Ozprey however had a mischievous side. This was to prove the turning of his life on to a darker path. It started with what was suppossed to be an innocent prank. The warder in charge of the young priests kept a pet parrot and one day Ozprey decided it would be fun to switch the parrot for a baby Merloc. Coming from Menethil Ozprey knew that just outside the gates there were always plenty of Bluegills camped on the shore, he would go into the camp and snach a young Merloc.

Unfortunately Ozprey only twelve at the time lacked the skill and subtlety to sneak into the Merloc camp and was spotted. He was mauled by the merlock guards and would have been killed. Fortune had it that a Warlock Carl Sorrel was en-route to Menethil to speak to Ozcor, he spotted the commotion and recognised the youth as Ozcors son. He stormed into the camp to rescue him. Fire reigned from the sky and not a single Merloc was left standing. Ozprey was barely conscious his left foot had been severed and he had lost a lot of blood. The warlock carried the boy back to his father.

After a long recovery Ozprey was given a false foot fashioned by Carl out of a single bar of Mithril, he attached the new foot to the youth with leather bindings saying it would always remind Ozprey not to be so foolish again.

Some say it was the a cursed foot that bound Ozprey to the warlock turning the promising young priest to study darker demonic forces, but in truth Ozprey had witnessed awesome power and found a hero and inspiration in the warlock. Little did he know that his hero was one of the most evil men ever to walk the streets of Stormwind.

Carl Sorrell disappeared about six months after the Merloc Incident, Ozpreys father would never speak of him, he had witnessed Carl do something that shocked him to the core and was never the same again turning the once great rouge in to a pale and aging man.

Ozprey has now become a powerful warlock. His memories of his first encounter with a warlock are distorted and he strives to attain the great power he witnessed when Carl rescued him. It is a worry to those around him that his constant search for more power will lead Ozprey to the darkest most dangerous place a Warlock can tread.

Years later in a bizzare twist of fate, a summoning of a demon made of living flame was witnessed by a powerfull resident of Booty Bay. He sent his men to find who was responsible for endangering the township (booty bay being made primarily of wood could have been destroyed!) Some one pointed the finger at Ozprey who was then captured and subdued by the malitia of booty bay. How they managed to capture ozprey without a fight is not know, but a powerful curse of silence was placed upon him to prevent any futher criminal acts through his command of demonic forces. Ozprey had a shearing coller placed around his neck and was marooned on Janeiro's Point, if he attempted to leave the island without an official guard the coller would decapitate him. His cell mate was Mok'rash a bad tempered giant who tended to keep unwanted visitors well away from the island. Although Mok'rash was displeased with Ozpreys presence he was not stupid enough to challenge or even go near the warlock.

Plans were hatched to have Ozprey executed as a deterent to others. A movement against warlocks had been growing for some time and this seemed like a perfect show of strength to keep warlocks in thier place. However Ozprey had powerfull allies who over the weeks devised a plan to rescue Ozprey from certain death.

During an escape attempt Ozprey aided by one other (unknown) managed to get off the island, instead of following the plan to swim around the coast avoiding Booty Bay, Ozprey once rid of the curse of silence placed on him, headed immediately inshore and attacked the new building of the Justice Department. Using his powers he caused the building to explode in a massive ball of flame and one by one he ensured as they fled screaming from the burning building each one of the officers knew who it was responsible for there doom.

Unknown to Ozprey was that the charm that caused the shearing collar to malfunction and not decapitate him was temporary; the time taken to act revenge should have been spent getting to a blacksmith to have the collar removed. As Ozprey walked out through the gateway to booty bay his last memory was violently spinning around and seeing his headless body walk a few steps before falling to the ground, he heard a familiar voice and all then went bright as he felt his soul being drawn out.

But being dead is when warlocks can be most dangerous...

Back from the dead Edit

Ozprey Spend six months in the hellish depths of demon realms his mind tortured and twisted almost nothing was left of Ozprey.

Fortunately his soul was Partially secured in a rapidly decaying stone by Rastavovich. A group gathered and devised a plan to bring Ozprey back from the dead for what reason is unsure but something must be important about this warlock for such an attempt to be made A dispicable plan was hatched a plan that will leave a perminate scar on some of the Axe and Anvil. Ozprey has little recollection of the night he was brought back from the dead, he remembers Viktor Rastavovich and Snakefing being present also a hazy recolection of his Father Ozcor, but he also knows that Viktor deviated from the initial plan and things have gone gravely wrong.

After spending several weeks recovering in Snakefings house outside Ironeforge Ozprey slowly regained strength.

Family Background Edit

Ozpreys Mother and Father met during a great storm when they were forced to shelter in Menethil Harbour for several weeks. Ozprey was conceived during that time. It was very much love at first sight, they had planned to make Menethil their home for some reason Ozcor left in haste once Lea's pregnancy became apparent. Some say it was because Of his fear of commitment others because of Lea having a brother Sori Darkbinder who was a powerful Warlock with a short temper.

Ozcor later became a member of a gang whose Leader Carl Sorrell is still wanted to this day for crimes committed against the Westfall Militia. Carl disappeared to the underground, but not befor he played an important part in in saving Ozcors young sons life. It was Carl who crafted Ozpreys foot and the folk of Menethil say that its an evil talisman.

Ozcor continued to provide for Ozprey and Lea, the family although living seprated lives are at peace with each other.

Criminal Record Edit

Ozpreys was arrested for endangerment of life and property and public affray outside booty bay, witnesses saw him summon a rouge elemental being with massive destructive power. Dispite the group around him dealing with the rouge elelemtal, officials of booty bay were displeased that the town was put at such risk. Ozprey was never tried and yet since his death his sole punishment was officially recorded by the Royal Court of Sotrmwind as eternal damnation.

Beliefs Edit

Ozprey Is fiercely loyal to those he calls friends, anyone that has fought by his side will testify he is a warlock of great skill and courage. He does however believe that Warlocks should hold true to their powers and that others should fear and respect them, often displaying public feats of shock and awe, this is mostly showing off due to the vigour of his youth and it is something that older wiser warlocks look down on as Ozprey can sometimes be overwhelmed by power lust. Despite being intelligent and powerful he lacks wisdom, he does not yet know when to walk away or when to run. His early days of training as a priest does mean he is very understanding of those who follow the light even if they are not tolerant of Warlocks.

Current Status Edit

Ozprey Has recently been on a long voyage many leagues away from the charted seas of Azeroth, News of the capture and trial of Viktor Rastavovich has brought him back sooner than anticipated.

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