Name Edit

Ovex Barnaby Gryphonbeak.


Simple Sketch of Ovex.

Physical Traits Edit

Avarage size for a dwarf, bushy pointy eyebrows, short black beard, bald and with a calm face. His back is covered by several faded scars caused by tortures and punishments in his past.

Race and Class Edit

A strong stealthy dwarven rogue.

Guild Edit

Ex-member of Axe and Anvil. Mountaineer First of Mountaineers Third Brigade.

Occupation Edit

Serving in the Mountaineers Third Brigade.

Family Edit

Father - Thorholm Barnaby Gryphonbeak - Alive.

Background Edit

Ovex avoids discussing his childhood, if this is due to something happening or he simply doesn't see a need for it, matters litle. He meet up several people in the past that would be influencal to him in the future to come, such as Dirahm, Maghtor, Snakefing and the Mountaineers third brigade.

During one of his travels he bumbed into Snakefing and Dirahm in the Tanaris desert. It became a happy reunion for them, unfortunate Ovex supply of stolen rom got dried up. A few months later after that meeting he joined Axe and Anvil.

A while after he joined the Axe and Anvil the dark portal opened and he decided to stay behind the others for a time to keep an eye on the matters around Stormwind and Ironforge. When he thought it were no complications he went after his brothers in arms through the portal to seek out wealth and power in the new world.

He quickly found new hunting grounds and treasures in outland and began to work for who ever paid the best.

And he found a nice strong gryphon that he found interresting in the Wildhammer keep in Shadowmoon Valley, after some negotiations with the gryphon handler he bought the gryphon and named him "Dagger beak" For certain reasons.

Ovex's true nature have been exposed during the arrest of his friend Viktor Rastavovich, he quickly realised the reason Viktor had been arrested and he told his fellow Axes, it were to late for Viktor this time.

After Viktors execution, the axes found out why Ovex knew so much of the event, he had been there but not among his comrades. After some threats and complaining from both sides, it stood clear either Ovex or Paeony would leave, Ovex gave up his comrades to spare everyone their dignity and honor.

Ovex has joined the Mountaineers and shortly after recieved his first mission, investigation of the dark iron presence in the Uldaman digsite and nearby areas, soon after he had arrived back home from the mission, he rejoiced as he finally got word from his father and that he had returned from his travels.

Personal Notes Edit

I have never tried to assassinate you mate... Ok just five times but that's all! And I will not attempt to do it again.

While not killing people, Ovex likes to treat himself to some delicious sausage.

Status Edit


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