Name Edit

Nihivus (birth name: Luridis K'lei)

Physical Traits Edit

Light skin and blond long hair falling along his shoulders and in a large tail with A minor goaty on his chin. His chest stands proud, though in general he'll act and walk calm and casual, not looking for attention. A rather silent person, who seems to enjoy watching people. He has an assortment of rings at his fingers, 7 in total, of which 3 have a dark violet hue which seems to twirl. At times he may be mumbling against one of his rings, making them change colors and twirl eraticly response.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf Absorber (Warlock)

Guild Edit

House Darkstorm

Occupation Edit

Magister, details unknown.


None Alive.

Background Edit

Luridis' youth with his father was a happy one, until the day he was sent to the frontlines. His mother sent both him and his brother to House Jadehunt as servitors, which wasn't a very appeasing position since they were treated like slaves. The head magister of the Jadehunt discovered Luridis' potenential and began to educate him in the arts of magic, basic at first, but growing darker as they proceeded. Draining little bits of magics out of others was only the first step. One of the things he was taught was how to drain and absorb memories, and store them into a prepared gem.

During one of his father's breaks from the war, Luridis' had a gutt feeling it would be his last night with his father. He stole a few memories from him in his sleep. It would indeed turn out to be the last time he saw his father, as the next assignment got his father killed. Mother let herself go, she didn't seem sad in the slightest at the news.

Years went by in service of Jadehunt and his master renamed him as Nihivus. The training with the magister grew more secretive and sinister. It began to involve living subjects, fellow elves, until one day his brother was being used by his master as a source of tapping. An attempt to interupt the magic and save his brother's life resulted in a fight with his own tutor. The magister perished in Nihivus' blind rage, as he absorbed the soul into a gem. On the floor, his brother's life was fleething. Nihivus calmed down, but finding no way to save his body, he stored his soul as well. Guards found the corpses and persued Nihivus on his way home, finding his mother there in an obscene fashion. The three men pleasuring the woman were feared into the Jadehunt persuers, giving Nihivus just enough time to unleash his rage onto his adultrous mother before fleeing the city.

Now, he wears an assortment of rings. One with an emerald holding some of his father's memories, the old city specificly. And three with a dark violet hue and a lively twirl, one set on a golden band with truesilver lining, one set on a blackened braided band of silver, and one set on a dented bronze band.

Criminal Record Edit

Suspected of the murder on one of the Jadehunt magisters, but only off-the-record to hide the magister's practice and the Jadehunt guards' failure.

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit

Recently returned to Silvermoon and has observed the activitues of various houses. Has chosen to align himself with House Darkstorm.

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