Nephris Coalmine

Nephris by belvane

Art by Belvane.

Neph wowcap

Physical TraitsEdit

25 years old during the Cataclysm, dark skin, medium height, curious looking, usually smiling and (when clean) wearing jasmine-scented perfume.

Personality traitsEdit

Cheerful, trickster, optimistic, reckless, excellent liar, curious, manipulative, naive, takes nothing seriously.

Race and ClassEdit

Human / mage


Theramore Task Force


Saying "A marine" might create a false image of a hardass soldier. Nephris was, during her life, a servant, barmaid, accountant, researcher and detective; she puts all those to use in her current military service.


Sister Trelayne Coalmine, holding the Scarlet Raven Inn in Darkshire.



Daughter to blacksmith Siegfried Coalmine of Stratholme and Deka Thardan of Stranglethorn Vale, Nephris and her twin sister Trelayne were raised in Stratholme. While Trelayne tended to be more domestic, Nephris served as a maid in the Denerian noble house. During the war her father became a zealot paladin and went MIA, and after the culling Nephris ended up traveling south with the refugees and found a new home in Stormwind, where she worked as an accountant.

Career background

Nephris is a failed mage. She has zero talent for controlling the arcane, but seeing as her childhood dream was to be a one, she refused to let go. Much like in any other aspect, she uses anything that can give her an advantage and present the image of a decent mage - scrolls, glyphs, gadgets, potions and occasionally some less-than-legitimate methods. The result is occasionally practical but never boring, which, Nephris claims, is good enough a reason to go on doing it.

Current StatusEdit

Alive, serving as a marine in Theramore and moonlighting as a detective when she gets the chance.


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