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Ive made a Char called Cinner See if you can spot a trend of my Chars :) anyway this is the bit that is NOT included in his upcoming backround.

Screams could be heard From Stratholme. not un-common but screams all the same. But these screams where strange in this of all places cries of pain anguish and laughter. in a deep building a man lay chained to a table Screaming as undead minions moved back and forth whipping him healing him and casting dark spells on him. "Garck naer?" Said a voice to the man the man shook his head and the zombies attached electrodes to his head and shocked him cakleing as he screamed long and loud. perhaps a description of the man is needed, he is well built but his skin is coverd with so many scars its as thick as leather the man has or had Dark hair and blue eyes once now almost dfarkened with hate and pain.

"Can you hear me now?" asked the voice. The man nodded "good" said the voice "he can understand the language of us". The man opened his mouth "Why do i have to listen to your foul tounge?" said the man. "Because if the last test is passed you will have to be able to speak with us". The Voice cakled and a undead in apothicary robes stepped into the man's veiwpoint "now you will be branded with the black rage" The apothicary moved to a brazier with a dark flame and removed a Barnder glowing a pulsing black at its end. it was in the shape of a serpent. "This my freind is the black rage its adding to your makeup is the last test no one has got this far consider it a gift!" The Serpent brand mark moved as if alive and seemed to bite the mans shoulder as he screamed his life to the world.

Hymm Sighed Tyr's Hand was a low job for him he thought he had been saddled with a ten man patrol making him its elevnth member he hated the northern scarlets he liked the city better. watching the other ten stalk through the gates Hymm bleackly set out after them This was going to be boring.

The man woke up and screamed again and rattled at his chains on his wrists and ankels straing them to no effect. "So you are awake?" asked the apothicary, "good good now for your breifing. you are going to betray your own kind as a servent of ours your are the frist we have completed, human yet not undead yet not" the apothicary cakeled louder "goodbye to your old memories" The aptohicary flicked a switch and electrodes and an arcane zombie placed there appendages on him and his last scream echoed around stratholme.

Hymm's patrol leder heard it and urged his patrol in the direction of stratholme thinking it was brethern long dead. The man woke and a primevil anger rose in him he forced it down. "Who am i?" asked the man. "Who are you? Why you are Mitchel Cinner a blacksmith from lorderon we found you and trained you to fight the human opressers who destroyed your city". The newly cristened Mitchel was hit with a few memories of pain.

"Come brethern i can hear Yells in this direction" the scarlet patrol leader pointed toward a hill. Mitchel strained at his chains buckleing them while a rage so strong burned his mind and veins. The apothicary looked puzzled " you cant break from those chains there specially desinged to-" he was interupted by the sound of metal breaking under stress. "Servants! Protect me!" Mitchell barly heard the words snapping all the chains binding him to the table. standing up he stared at three gangled cannibls at hit out with his hand punching clean trhough the rotting flesh and absorbing the dark magic in it. The scarlet partol leader urged the troop onward as Hymm walked behind.

The apothicary burst through the door into the lab/testing ground "Run we have made a failure!" Three skeletons ran toward the dors an where scattered into there component parts at the force of the door being burst open. Covered in a dark aura clothing him with someting other than his loincloth Mitchell moved towards the apothicary "You created me and i have destroyed you!" The apothicary felt a long forgotten emoton in him something he olny felt when he had been human. Fear.

Hymm was first to hear the explosion and saw the wall be pulled into the void. the scarlets scattered like rabbits and pounced on Mitchell as he staggerd out the hole somking slightly. "pull him to safty brethern!" Shouted the Scarlet patrol leader.

mitcel awoke to the scarlets staring over him "Where am i?" asked mitchel a man looked over at him and said "About a mile away from stratholme" The patrol leader looked at the brand and felt a feeling of un-easyness The patrol leader then let mitchell stand up. "What is the name of your commanding officer?" asked the leader "i have none" said mitchell "all i have know is That city and lorderon".

The patrol leader then Bellowed "He is a plauged one get him!". a crusader moved toward him drawing a copper short sword, mitchell grabed the crusaders arm and broke it and disembowled the crusader on her own sword a second crusader lunged at him and had his arm ripped off by mitchell with his bare hands "" the crusader asked before his own arm weilded like a club smashed into his skull. The rest of the crusaders drew there swords and attacked at once but all served only to scratch mitchell. the last crusader fell as the leader began to load his crossbow "brother Hymm return to the outpost and tell them of this creature", Hymm glad to get away turned and ran behind him he heared the sound of running feet a scream and a audible crack. Still running Hymm felt a pain in his leg and turned to see his advesery coverd in blood and darkness walk over to him . hymm felt himself being lifted in the air with no effort "What are you people?" asked the man "Scarlets" Choked Hymm "From outpost" "Witch way to another camp?" asked the man "Argent dawn" said Hymm losing concuisness "Three miles that way" Hymm pointed in the direction. "For your help you can live" said the Throwing Hymm next to the butcherd patrol "i need civlisation". Hymm shakily drew his sword and tossed it blindly at the darkening shape and enjoyed hearing the scream of pain as it hit. Hymm awoke in the missions medical ward bandaged with his arm in a sling. an adept walked over to him, "What did you see?" asked the adept. "Whatever he was he wasent human" said Hymm lying back "But he may have human emotions."

Several miles away the Argent Dawn Helped a man into bed the man bleeding and weeping cried out for his mother and about a pain in his shoulder. Another scar for the man's collection.

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