Nalenia Felstar

Physical TraitsEdit

The glow from her eyes is quite dim. There is a shallow scar running down her left eye.






Nalenia's current occuptation is the inventing and manufacture of explosives. The parts for her explosives are not exactly legaly gained. Bought from nameless scources and acquired through theft, Nalenia purchases the illegal parts with a considerably large discount. Due to this, Nalenia keeps her business quiet, speaking of it only to her most trusted of friends and allies.

Personality Edit

Deceptive, Quality Liar, Sneaky, Cunning, Stubborn and Violent at times.


Lilithia (Mother , Kel'dorei) = Deceased

Zeratham (Father , Satyr) = Deceased

Telthalan (Uncle, Sin'dorei) = Deceased


Nalenia was born in the snowy lands of Winterspring and brought up to live a simple life. Her childhood and teens were normaly, nothing out of the ordinary untill she became an adult. For the majority of her life she thought that her father was a brave Druid that had fallen victim to a Centaur ambush, this however was a lie. When Nalenia was an adult her mother told her the truth, who her father really was, a Satyr by the name of Zeratham. Angered and shocked Nalenia left Winterspring and vanished. Years passed, the return of the Legion, the rise of the Scourge and the Battle or Mount Hyjal simply passed by whilst Nalenia's where-abouts where unkown. Finally she re-appeared, four years after the Legion's defeat at Mount Hyjal, within the City of Darnassus. Deciding to learn the ways of Balance as a Druid she began the neccesary training. Secretly hoping that this would cause whatever corruption she may have gained from her Satyr father, if any at all, maye be cast out. A year passed untill Nalenia stopped her training, feeling free of any possible taint she left Darnassus and traveled across the seas to the Eastern Kingdoms. Feeling drawn to travel she did so, yet found herself settling down to reside within the safe walls of the Human City of Stormwind. Many months passed since then, many friends and enemies where made, many events passed and hearts broken. Such things took a subtle toll upon Nalenia's mind warping it and corrupting at the same time causing her to forget her training and what she had learned and lose her Druidic powers of Balance. Nalenia was now powerless, and since the events that passed in her time at Stormwind, quite hated. Yet she had no real intention of fixing this, her mind had taken so much punishment for her actions that she had lost most of her emotion. Cold and deceptive she took up the occupation as an assassin before finally settling down to take part in the invention, manufacture and trade of explosive devices to the highest bidder.

Criminal RecordEdit

Several cases of Theft

Several cases of Murder

One case of Terrorism

Several cases of Vandalism

Several cases of Armed Assault

Three cases of Assassination

Current StatusEdit

Physical Sate = Perfectly fine

Mental State = Debatable

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