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Imoen jumped on a gryphon ready to go and meet her destiny her newfound purpose; she had given up on humanity and her supposed friends. She wanted to hear them tell her that they would be with her no matter what she was but of course they didn’t they told her that she was still and ‘Emissary’. She hated that word, she hated how she was no longer called Sister it made her feel like she wasn’t part of the family anymore.

When she arrived at the Eastern plaguelands she was welcomed with the smell of her destiny, death. No one tried to stop her she wanted them to, deep down the voices in her mind the Scourge reminding her that she is doing the right thing. She smiled thinking to herself that the very thing she has been hunting and hating all her life is now saving her, she felt wanted by this so called friends she was told to meet one of their agents where she would be gently brought to her death, to evolve into one of them.

She cried thinking about what she is about to do, thinking about that night she had with Louise, but why was she so sad? She had those nights before with her Fiancée Ryan. Thinking of him made her smile and she carried on walking down the road to the meeting spot.

She thought about more people she knew, Thepol. How she would miss his silly antics and his foolishness and Elizabetha her gentle smile, her kind attitude she would miss her.

And Suzanne, she was so nice to her before acting like a sister when she needed her the most.

She would miss them all.

The voice whispered to her “They will all join you some day, they all will. However where are they now Imoen? If they love you like you say they do…then where are they now?” Imoen broke into tears the pain in her heart was unbearable as if someone had stuck a knife into it.

After five minutes she pulled herself together, she thought about how much she hated them that she didn’t deserve to be treated that way she carried on walking.

She approached the site near the tomb at midday; She decided to talk to her brethren one last time…a final goodbye. “ I’m sorry it had to be this way…I am proud of you as a division…not as my-” Before she could finish her speech she heard a crack on the back of her head and then darkness.

She awoke in chains, this brought back memories of what her brethren were going to do with her before she left, to keep her safe they told her Imoen wasn’t convinced “ You say you love me…” she told her brethren “ Yet you want to chain me like an animal?” she blacked out again.

She awoke, and there stood a deranged figure, he looks familiar she thought to herself, as her eyes focused more she realised who it was and let out scream. “Now, now poppet. That’s no way to react to your fiancée my my it’s been to long poppet” His voice was raspy and faint, it creped Imoen out she looked around the room franticly all she saw were sharp devises. She knew how stupid she has been she walked straight into it, all this time these voices in her dreams have been reassuring her that everything would be alright.

The lanky wrinkly bony body slunk up to Imoen caressing her body breathing heavily “ahhh how I have longed to touch you again…poppet” the figure said, Imoen was breathing heavily trying to kick him or move but her legs and arms were chained against a wall, she couldn’t do anything. “Ryan, stop…please…im not ready yet.” Imoen whispered her voice quivering in fear. Ryan smiled smugly at Imoen and gave her a toothless grin “Oh, how that takes me back…” Ryan said feeling Imoen’s stomach.

“Wh-What do you mean?” Imoen said she couldn’t believe what Ryan just said she always remembered Ryan being gentle with her. Being there for her when she felt down, why would he say that? And why was he doing this to her?

“Oh poppet…surely you remember your first time? It was so beautiful.” Ryan said grinning at her dirtily. Then it flashback a memory of her first time…

“No…im not ready yet…” Young Imoen said embarrassed “Come on. We either do it now or that’s it it’s all over, your just a damn tease!” Young Ryan shouted. “Im not! I love you, im just not ready that’s all! Can’t we-” Imoen was shut up by a slap, “Don’t you yell at me woman! Ah sod this im going home…” Ryan began to get dressed Imoen started crying she grabbed hold of his hand just before he was about to leave. “Please…don’t leave me alone…I’ll do it.” Imoen said weeping “that’s better, poppet.”

Imoen felt her breast being grabbed and flashed back to the present she squirmed and managed to bring her knee to Ryan’s groin he feel backwards toppling over and landing on his behind. “You basted! You used me!” Imoen said in anger her eyes glaring at Ryan “You only had one thing on your mind didn’t you? You used my father and my race to get in bed with me, didn’t you!?!” Ryan picked himself up and chuckled to himself tutting at her “You were easy, you never confronted your fear of being alone and there for you were…all I had to do was to give you a bit of attention and you feel in my arms” Ryan mocking her in every syllable her spoke.

Imoen knew this was true and she felt a tear trickle down her face, she had always believed he was the hero who saved her and held her all those nights but deep down she knew he was using her. She looked up and Saw Ryan drinking “Now this is going to hurt like crazy poppet, so I need to drink to…put me in the mood” Ryan smirked at Imoen, he walked towards her and backhanded her “Now…that was for what you did to me such bad manners you have…your friends haven’t taught you any manners at all have they?” Imoen was lost in her thoughts she thought back again she remembered him drinking, carrying him back drunk whilst all the other women looked at her with sympathy.

She focused back again and saw Ryan with a cleaver in his hand there was already blood on it. “See I’ve tested this on a few people already poppet they screamed with such bliss…oh how I miss your screams…when we were sleeping…scream like that again…your first time.” Ryan smirked at Imoen as she was sobbing to herself, “Never fear! Ray’s here!” A loud cocky voice shouted from the far corner of the room there stood and elf with long black hair holding a huge axe smiling at Ryan, Ryan turned hissing at Ray “You! I remember you and your meddling trying to be the Hero again are you?” Ryan taunted “You see Ryan, last time we met I lacked style this time however, it is you who lacks style!” Ray said with a huge cocky grin on his face. Imoen looked at Ray in awe she was shocked to see him here she felt that it was all over. Ray charged Ryan his axe swung around his head ready to cleave him in two but Ryan simply stepped to his right and let the axe hit the ground, Ryan grabbed his hammer and slammed into Ray’s head, Ray flung back into the wall knocked out.

Imoen thought about all that happened, what Ryan had done to her and remembered Ray walking in once when Ryan was surrounded by his friends taking advantage of Imoen, kissing her, touching her. Ray shouted at them telling them to back off his pet cat Mog was there to but Imoen told them that it was all right that she should leave her be. She felt so stupid, all these years she has blinded herself by the truth…and now it’s to late. She was about to live an eternity in suffering thinking about her mistakes. This made Imoen go into a rage, she wouldn’t let this happen, she remembered her training as a warrior to use Rage and remembered that if she mixed that with her emotions she would be come unstable and it could do her some serious harm but she thought, what has she got to lose?

She focused hard thinking about those times with Ryan how he used to use her, the chain broke out of the walls her body felt like it was on fire she let out a primal scream Ryan turned around looking at Imoen in fear she snapped the chains free and screamed in rage into the air then she lunged at Ryan, hitting him with her bare hands Ryan’s face cracked as each fist slammed into his face, Ray started to wake up. He saw Imoen sitting on Ryan face taking it in turns with her fists to punch him “You basterd!” she screamed in a rage “I hate you! Die! Die!” Ray shouted at Imoen “That’s enough! Stop it he’s dead! He’s dead damn it!” Imoen couldn’t stop all she could feel was hate all she could think about were the times her used her, she eventually ran out of breath. Ray came over to Imoen and put his arm around her “Hey, it’s ok…it’s ok…your safe now alright?” Imoen looked up at Ray her face covered in Ryan’s blood “Ray-” Suddenly a hand grabbed hold of Imoen’s throat Ray tried to react but a shadowy bolt flied him back into the wall and held him there. Ryan stood up lifting Imoen up “You cannot kill me poppet.” He threw against a wall she slumped to the ground all she could do now was watch she felt to weak to move.

Ryan went over to his torture equipment and grabbed the cleaver, he smiled at her and crawled up to her “Now Poppet you have embarrassed me and look what you’ve done to my face…tut tut…now little poppet let me cut you…” Ryan put the cleaver onto Imoen’s face “Don’t do it you basterd! I’ll kill you! Get your hands off her!” Ray shouted his voice struggling as his chest is held tight by Ryan’s dark magic, “Silence, you will have your turn…” Ryan said smiling at Imoen, suddenly a shadow loomed over Imoen and Ryan “ I have considered.” The voice said a sword ripped threw Ryan he turned in horror and saw another dead body like him talking to him.

“ I have murdered. I have considered” the figure said his tone was confused and crazy “Khallid!” Ray shouted happily, Imoen’s face was shocked she thought she would never see him again and the fact that she is seeing her father’s corpse in front of her wasn’t exactly the way she would of liked to see him.

Ryan hissed at Khallid “How dare you!” Khallid smiled at Ryan “You see, we have been given a chance to redeem are terrible deeds. You have failed.” Ryan’s face turned to fear “But I did this for her! She was going to be with me forever! We would be in each others arms forever!” Imoen sat there not sure on what to think of what was going on this was all going at once, but she felt somewhat better, she felt like things were falling into place.

“Ryan, you never did love me. You just wanted to fill in the gaps in your life.” Imoen said to Ryan, Ryan looked at Imoen just by the look Imoen knew that Ryan was crying on the inside “I’m sorry poppet.” Ryan slid down Khallid’s blade. Ray took a sigh of relief then looked at Ryan closely, Ray managed to pull himself and grab his axe he slowly walks toward Imoen and Khallid.

“My daughter…im so sorry…I can understand your hatred…” Khallid said ashamed “You…you let him do this to me, you never told mother about it, why? Why didn’t you?” Imoen said her tears running down her cheeks “I was ashamed, I didn’t think I could ever be a father…my father came from Gilneas, When I had you the gates of my home closed forever, your grandfather didn’t even try and re-open the gates as he told me I may be infected.” Imoen looked at her dead father in pity this was the first time he had ever spoken of his own father she knew what he was going to say “And you thought because of that, that you couldn’t take care of me?” Imoen puzzled “Yes, I thought it was in our blood that we were all cowards…” Khallid’s started crying “…and how true I was. I let all this…madness happen to you my love…look at you, you’re so beautiful I’m so proud of you. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you Arthas wasn’t your father, im sorry your mother had to tell you. Im sorry I ignored what Ryan was doing to you…im so sorry…” Khallid starting weeping Imoen picked herself up and rapped her arms around him “It’s all over now father…it’s all over…I forgive you.” Imoen whispered into Khallid’s ear.

“You…you do? After all I’ve done to you, you’ll forgive me just like that?” Imoen smiled at her father “Yes, you just saved me from an fate worse than death. I can’t believe I wanted to be an undead…” Khallid held Imoen’s cheek “Imoen, don’t ever become what I have become. I have seen things…I don’t how I’m talking like this…I used to go around telling people to murder the scourge…I was crazy, perhaps it’s the light showing me what I would of done to you.” Imoen looks at her at father a tear drops down her cheek, “I’m so happy you’re with me again…” Khallid sighs, “My love, do you still love me?” Imoen nods “of course I do” she says laughing slightly in joy.

“Then I need you to do a few things…that book you have that is Ryan’s diary I had it a long time ago if you remember that time you walked in…and that sword…they made it for you…destroy it but do it with Elizabetha watching or someone, you need to prove to them you do not wish to turn against them.” Imoen starts stroking her fathers chin “I will father.” She said smiling back at him she never felt so happy being with him again “Now, I ask you for your last father wish to…cleanse me.” Imoen stood up quickly “What? No…I-” “Please my love, I do not wish to be like this anymore.” “But…I can’t.” “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but if you really forgive me…and you love me…you will.” Imoen looks away upset she knew that he was right she went to grab her sword but Khallid put her hand in the way of it, he pointed at his sword “Use that one, Imoen…my love…my daughter I am the most luckiest man alive…I love you with all my heart…my regret in life is that I couldn’t be the father you deserved.” Imoen started crying, Ray walks over and holds Imoen his arms resting her head on his shoulder, “I can see that when im gone at least he will be protect you.” Khallid says smiling at Ray, Ray looks over at Khallid and smiles back.

Imoen grabs Khallid’s blade and lifts it in front of her “Goodbye father. I love you.” Khallid smiles and a tear rolls down the side of his cheek Imoen slices the sword threw Khallid’s head be-heading him. Imoen drops to hear knees and bursts into tears Ray raps his arms around and tries to comfort her “Imoen. I’m going to cleanse him ok?” She nods her face buried into her hands Ray’s hands shine with a light and a flame engulfs Khallid’s body. As his body burns away Ray holds Imoen’s arm and ushers her to leave, “come on, let’s let him rest now.” Imoen nods still weeping, she lets go of Ray’s arm and starts walking up the stairs out of the crypt. As Ray is about to walk out an arm grabs hold of his leg he turns to see Ryan looking at him angrily and hissing Ray grins back “She’s mine now.” He says smugly and crushes his head with his foot a dark spirit comes out of Ryan and it is dragged threw the floor.

Imoen sits on a bench she turns to Ray “Ray? How did you know I was there?” “Coincidence I suppose…the light.” Imoen smiles at the thought maybe there is such a thing as the light after all, it seems that it hasn’t forsaken her as she thought. She then falls off the bench, Ray manages to grab her in time and she is asleep. Ray smiles “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. I know some good friends in south shore, that can take care of you. Safer than any other place I know of anyway.” Ray said confident that his decision was the right one.

Ray walks threw the grassy fields of Hillsbrad caring Imoen in his arms he finally approaches Southshore a figure walks towards him smiling “Hello there, who do you have here?” “Ah she’s a friend of mine, I was wondering if you could take care of her perhaps?” The figure grins thinking about how easy their catch was, “Of course, friend you run along now, she’s in good hands…”

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