Mariabelle Lucy De Saxo is her original name but she changed it to Muse to hide her identity

Physical TraitsEdit

5'11 and she used to have long red hair and green eyes but she cut her hair and had it dyed a light brown colour which is now shoulder length and tied at the back and she changed her eye colour to brown using some gnomish technology and now has fair skin instead of having a pale white skin colour due to lack of exposure to the sun

Race and ClassEdit

Human / Female / Warlock

Formally a Mage Muse wasn't satisfied with the power that being a Mage offered and so in secret she delved deep into the shadows and learned what it is to be a Warlock.


The Cenarion Guardians


Muse is a warlock but doesn't consider it to be a profession and more of a way of life and would say her professions are tailoring and enchanting although she refuses to charge people for her services and that all she asks is that if anyone wants her to make anything or have her enchant something that they provide the needed materials.

If asked why she refuses to charge for such things no matter how much money they could make her she always says that there is enough greed in the world and that by offering her services for free she is in some small way helping to make the world a better place.

Being such a generous person Muse expects everyone to have the same unrelenting high standards of generosity and she cares not for the value of things if a friend is in need of them although she frequently gets enraged when she sees people being greedy and selfish or if they are trying to sell something for more than it's really worth that the first thing to come to her mind is that all offending parties should be publicly executed in the most painfull and slowest way imaginable so as to make sure that everyone gets the message that greed and selfishness of any kind will not be tolerated.


Mother ((Annabelle Guinevere De Saxo)) Father ((Marin De Saxo))

Both of Muse's parents are knights in the Scarlet Crusade and are stationed at Tyr's Hand in Lordaeron which is in the area now known as the Eastern Plaguelands


Family BackgroundEdit

Current StatusEdit

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