This is just another weird idea that leaped into yours truly's mind. By interacting and helping Mountaineers people can improve their reputation with them, and purchase rewards after reaching a certain level. Feel free to add a line in the discussion page, please.

Mountaineer Reputation Edit


INV Letter 11 [Commendation letter.]

To be handed in to the guards at the entrance of Dun Garok Hold for the right to enter and/or be given a snack.


Ability Hunter Pet Gorilla [Unlicensed Bob™]

Right-click to summon a strangely familiar surveillance device.

...are you sure it is really made by Proffessor B.Stormspanner?


INV Misc EngGizmos 13 [Electric Justice Mechanical Tonk™]

Right-click to take control of a spy machine equipped with voice module and pellet rifle.

WARNING: severe brain injury might appear when increasing the distance from the controller.

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