Morgan Freney

1.) Early Years.Edit

Morgan grew up with his mother in a old farmer house, in the back then peaceful land: Westfall. Morgan enjoyed the calm and easy life on the farm, he spend most of his time helping his mother or playing around with the kids from the nearby families. When Morgan turned 11 he began to wonder where his father was, so he asked his mother.

The answer he got didn't aid him at all: She told him that his father had died long before he was born, but Morgan could easily tell when his mother was lying - He, however, still gave up on ever finding the truth. When Morgan turned 18 he decided to leave the boring farmer life behind and venture to Stormwind to start an education as an Stormwind Engineer.

2.) The StonemasonsEdit

{C Morgan quickly learned the basics of engineering and had begun to take extra lessons in architecture. During these years Morgan's personality evolved, he got more self-confident, open minded, happy and slightly arrogant.

Two years after starting his education he was introduced to some very talented engineers, they were part of some sort of union: "The Stonemasons Guild". Morgan saw this as a great opportunity, so he applied to the guild, with succes. Morgan enjoyed his work, so much that he almost spend all hours of the day either working or thinking about ways to improve what he had already done.

During the following years Morgan spend must of his time working along with his comrades on the establishment of Nethergarde Keep, not long after completing the construction, the master of the guild, Edwin VanCleef, informed the members that they have been hired for their biggest job as of yet: The reconstruction of Stormwind City...

3.) The BrotherhoodEdit

For the following years, Morgan was forced, along with most of the guild, to work day and night. Morgan did not complain, he enjoyed his work.

When the work was done Edwin VanCleef went to the House of Nobles to ask for the payment he and his loyal workers was promised. The nobles responded with the words; "..Building this proud city is a payment in itself"

Shortly afterward, at VanCleef's urging, workers rioted in Stormwind City. Several people died, along with a couple of Morgan's nearest friends. Afterwards the entire guild was thrown out of the city gates and were ordered never to return again. Morgan was a broken man at this state, all his dreams and hopes crushed like ants under an iron boot. The sadness quickly turned to anger as he ventured to Westfall with the now broken Stonemasons Guild.

And so started an existence consisting mostly of robbing traveling merchants, and beating up any that dared question their methods. In the beginning Morgan acted with no remorse, it was only most later that he came to the conclusion that he had aided in the destruction of a land that once was so very dear to him.

When the first Brotherhood began to fall apart Morgan didn't think twice: he ran.

4.) The Postmaster's FallEdit

As Morgan ran, he quickly spotted a unit of alliance soldiers in the horizon, it quickly became clear to him that he would be recognized as an member of the Brotherhood right away because of the uniform he was currently wearing. Luckily for Morgan, a man was washing himself in a river just next to the road. Morgan quickly noticed that the man had lain down all his clothing on a rock next to the riverside. Morgan quickly came up with an idea which could potentially save his life.

Without second thoughts, Morgan rushed towards the pile of clothing. While keeping an eye on the bathing man he pulled off his own clothing as fast as he possibly could. Morgan then grabbed the bathing man's clothing and left his Defias armor in it's place - smirking.

Morgan then walked away from the riverside without the man taking any notice of him. He then continued to walk down the road, nodding politely as the Stormwind unit walked right past him... He could hear the sound of the unit in the distance, as it stopped to stare at the red defias mask, that was lying on a rock on top of a pile of dark worn leather armor.

Morgan, wearing a worn blue hat and the old outfit of an Postmaster, could hear the echo of swords being drawn as he continued down the road towards Stormwind...

5.) Smuggler's delightEdit

{C As Morgan walked through the strong gates of Stormwind he was, for a brief moment, filled with a feeling of immense hatred - Morgan turned around and glared at the green trees of Elwynn Forest, their verdant and healty leaves.. "This is a second chance" he thought... as he walked into the city.

It took Morgan quite a while to get used to his new form of living, he didn't have any problems getting jobs... it was keeping them that was the issue: He had problems with his superiors, got into fights with his colleagues and was caught stealing.

Morgan quickly came to the conclusion that him and "honest work" weren't meant to be... luckily, he was not the only person from the Brotherhood who managed to slip into the city of Stormwind - and so began many years of smuggling, robbing, blackmailing and scamming with decent succes... Well, until that day when they overstepped their boundaries.

How hard is it to smuggle 450 bottles of Black Label Rum into Stormwind? Not easy, especially when you have been tipped off. As soon as the wooden wagon entered Stormwind it was surrounded by guards. Morgan and his companions was cleary caught off guard... Two of them got killed as they drew their weapons, one was arrested and Morgan...did what was most logical for his selfish nature, he ran like a coward...

6.) The Dirty Little Brat'Edit

Some time between his Defias days and his days as a smuggler, Morgan met someone. He had planned to meet up with an old friend of his. However, what happpend on that day was something Morgan were ill prepared for. As Morgan moved towards the hideout of his contact his eye noticed something crawling around in a coal and dirt filled miningcart - Morgan quickly came to the conclusion that it was a little boy who was playing in the old minecart. Morgan also quickly noticed that the child's boy were covered in minor burn wounds. Normally Morgan would have left the child in the minecart, but on this day, for some odd reason, Morgan decided to talk with this child, a decision which would later lead to a unique and rather odd "friendship". Morgan weren't a great "parent", this was however never his intention: He only wanted to teach the child the unwritten rules of Moonbrook, as well as the ways to survive as a orphan in the poor and harsh Westfall: lying, pickpocketing, gambling, cheating etc. The child proved to have alot of potential regarding these "honest" traits. Morgan have left this boy on his own several times, yet somehow they always manage to meet up.

7.) From Deadwood to Driftwood.Edit

Many years after Morgan's cowardly move to abandon his former companions, he ran into a friend, a friend he haven't seen for years. The little kid he found in the minecart was now a grown up man. Morgan quickly discorved the consequenses of his parenting methods. The man was a violent thug, not caring about his own safety nor the safety of others, reckless, arrogant and unmannered. Morgan quickly discovered that though the man was unmannered and violent he still had several "big" contacts in the "underworld" of the Eastern Kingdoms. Morgan decided to stay close to the young man, mostly because he felt like he had to protect him.

A few months after Morgan reached the conclusion that the man's many contacts and his own experience as a smuggler could be combined... This was the start of something, something which would later lead to the establishment of the "Deadwood company"...

Recently a chain of "unfortunate events" have forced Morgan and most of the Deadwood workers to flee the city of Stormwind. With the aid of Morgan's arrogant-douchebag uncle Bellamy Freney, Captain of Blackwealth, they were able to escape to the natural port of "Ratchet, in Kalimdor"...


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