Montywort Thandrel

Name Edit

Montywort Thandrel

Full name and titles Edit

Baron Montywort Thandrel

Physical Traits Edit

Montywort is a stumpy Gnome. His once golden locks of hair are gone now, instead he is left with grey balding hair. He has lively blue eyes, although deep rings hang under them.

Race and Class Edit

Montywort is a Gnome. Although he thinks differently. "I'm a Human! Damnit, just because I'm slightly below average height everyone comes to the conclusion I'm a Gnome!" He regularly uses any means to exploit the poor and loves revenge. He enjoys evicting tenants from his land and is obsessed with wealth.

He is that of the wealthy elite however because of numerous poor business deals and a horrible business plan he was forced to return to his family's traditional value of Industry and so has joined the booming industrialist class.

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit



Family Edit

Biological Mother and Father - Unknown, he was abandoned in Lordaeron. Foster Mother - Allania Thandrel, dead. Foster Father - Duke Thandrel, Scourge. Foster Sister - Gloria Thandrel, unknown. Presumably Monty does.

Background Edit

Montywort was abandoned in Lordaeron by his biological parents for a reason he did not know. He was, however, fostered by the infamous Thandrel Family. Brought up by his strict disciplinarian foster-father Robert Thandrel and his doting foster-mother. Montywort had a troubled childhood, as his father was violent to him and violent towards his mother. However, as Montywort grew he became desensitized to the violence. He grew up with the knowledge that he was a human. Indeed when it became obvious that he was not a human no one had the heart to tell him (or were simply unwilling to believe it in the case of his father). Eventually his family died of old age while he lived due to his gnomish blood that extended his lifespan.

The money and landed estates that he inheritated were put to good use by Monty whilst he cruised the world. He visited all the great kingdoms - Stormwind, Kul'tiras, Ironforge and more. His profit margins went down monstrously, however, when the Scourge invaded Lordaeron. While he lost his lands, his investments were safe. He had invested in many different industries in Stormwind and Lordaeron setting him up with a smooth quick fortune to add to his large stash already. Montywort was prepared to set up again in a more southern climate.


Montywort presently

Criminal Record Edit

None, he makes sure that all his shady dealings have nothing that could lead to him.

Personal Notes Edit

Currently resides in Northrend on the HMS Behemoth Zeppelin where he oversees the oil drilling operations of STEAMWORK INDUSTRY LTD.

Montywort uses his considerable intellect, wit, and wealth to manipulate every situation to his advantage. And he executes it with a hoity toity style all his own.

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