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Physical TraitsEdit

A brief description of physical appearance and objects of note.

Race and ClassEdit

Like the common dwarf, Mojk likes melee combat and is a warrior in the true sense of the word.




For now, Mojk is Bellis little helper in the diplomacy-department.



Mojks father, who have brought the familys ancient mining and blacksmithingskills down to Mojk. A very proud and strong dwarf, he can be quite intimidating sometimes, but he is all through kind and warm.


Mojks mother, who comes from a family who has always been interested in the healing powers of spells. Even thou, the dwarves rarely uses spells. But she got Brucks attention anyway, and the open-minded dwarf that he is, it was no trouble to like this spell-casting dwarf-lady.


Mojks shadowy brother, he never walked in their fathers footprints. He thought it was more fun to surprise people. Even when he was little he used to sneak up on people, you could almost look straight at him without realising it even when he was young.. Not until he moved and scared your pants off, that is.


Summary of your personal history

Family BackgroundEdit

The Mithrilhammer-clan is a proud mining and blacksmithing-clan. Even since Bruck, son of Grook, was nothing but a dwarfling he followed his father down to the mines and watched eagerly how he worked. The search for something, to sometimes find anything extra valueable in the mines fascinated Bruck.

When Bruck got his first pick one early birthday morning, he jumped outside and looking for something to mine. Grook laughed and said to himself Dwarves search for treasure never fails.

Criminal RecordEdit

Mojk is a way too honorable and proud dwarf to commit any crimes.

Current StatusEdit

Right now, Mojk is about to make some connections outside of Mountaineers. With Bellis help Mojk is going forward and will hopefully soon be known to, and know, plenty of people.

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