Ray's pet cat mog


Mog Garnet

Physical TraitsEdit

A small black and White striped cat, with green eyes




House Darkstorm


Mog was bought at a random market at lorderon he was sold by a well known con-artist who clamed the cat had some mystial powers. The Garner family purchased this cat to keep Ray company while the rest of the family are busy with their own jobs. One day Ray and a few of his friends were playing by the sunwell and Ray decided to give mog a bath, since then Mog has had the ability to talk to anyone Ray wishes.

Family BackgroundEdit

Not much is known about Mog's family and it would probely be a preety boring story.


Mog is very a vain character and worries about his looks alot, however he's very caring and loveable and would never leave Ray's side. If you ever get to hear his voice it's very high an Squeaky but the chances of you hearing Mog are very slim.

Criminal RecordEdit

None that Ray knows of just yet.

Personal NotesEdit

Though people seeing Ray talk to mog may think he's a bit crazy also the fact he claims Mog can talk. This is actually true mog has developed the will to communicate threw telepathy, he got this when young Ray decided to give Mog a bath in the sunwell but almost drowned him.

Current StatusEdit

Mog is always by Ray's side and is currently giving Ray support on getting stronger. He has however changed coats he was once an orange and white striped cat but decided black and white was the new in. So Ray invented the cat converter and changed his coat to black an white.

Mog has now followed Ray in the middle of a war, where even though he thinks is a bad idea and will only cause upset he regardless follows Ray.

The outcome of this war was as Mog predcited, sorrow. However Ray did meet Imoen and Mog was pleased to see a familer face again certainly Imoen's.

He is now telling Ray to move on, forget about Imoen and train hard so that he can protect Imoen or another woman.

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