Mestorath Seveyis


Mestorath Seveyis



Physical TraitsEdit

Mestorath stands at an average height of 5"10, with untidy auburn hair, and a dirty auburn moustache. He has been mistaken for a hobo countless times, yet his perfectly formed words and educated eyes sometimes give his reasonably powerful nature away. He almost always carries a small oaken pipe somewhere on his person.

A long scar running down the left side of his face intertwines with smaller scars picked up from encounters long past. His body is similarly covered with these scars. There is a thin, almost invisible line that traces around his kneebone, reminicant of a doctors handywork.

His skin is visibly aged from a lifetime of smoking his pipe, and is only slightly darkened since his time in the Embrace, his body seemingly embracing the shadow without too much negative effect.

On his left hand he wears a gold ring, blackened around the edges, which bears a small picture of a snake weaved around a staff.


Semi-Known member of the The Dark Embrace


Member of the Destiny in The Dark Embrace, under Annarima LaVey and The Faith.


Father - Tobias Seveyis (Location Unknown) Mother - Unknown.


Mestorath was born in the rich houses of the Old Town and lived with his father and his maid, Chitters. He never knew his mother, and his father never spoke of her.His father sent him off the the Mages Academy (Mages Tower) while he went off on an excavation trip to Dun Morough.After graduating at the age of 25 (Mages have long years of training) he went to see his father, only to find he hadn’t been heard of for 5 years, supposedly killed by Trolls in the foothills of Dun Morough. In anger, Mestorath left Stormwind and went to live in solitude in Darkshire, where he set up the Seveys group, a band of skilled mercenaries who had lost any will to live as he had. After a 10 years , when he was 37, he left the group and returned to Stormwind. He joined the Peoples' Militia to clear his name of the crimes he had committed, and duly left after he had.

After he left, he slowly fell back into his life of crime, this time leading down a darker path as he seeked the then unknown 'Dark Embrace'. After establishing himself as a member within their ranks, Mestorath went on to commit some notable atrocities.

- Known associate of the Dark Embrace member Diliamem Pentworth (Deceased) - Involved in assaults on many members of the public. - Temporary enslavement of a Dwarf. - Involvement in the homicide of Minetha Nightingale of 'The Peoples Milita' including at least 4 other deaths.

He has been presumed dead 3 times, and on the third was again seen wandering aimlessly through the streets of Stormwind, close to his childhood home in Old Town.


5th April :- Seen wounded outside the Stormwind Cathedral. Appeared manical and unaware of his situation. Taken away by a human female, a human male, an elf male and a gnome female.

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