Name Edit

Mephino "Mephix" Xico.

Physical Traits Edit

Physically well trained. Long brown hair.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior.

Guild Edit

The Legion

Occupation Edit

Soldier. Mercenary.


Isabèlla - Wife

Iowi - Stepsister

Bastian - Son

Background Edit

Adopted by a blacksmith in Stormwind at the age of eight. Trained as a blacksmith by his fosterfather. After maturing into adulthood Mephino has functioned as teacher in Stormwind Academy. A function in which he met his wife Isabélla. A young female warrior who took more than just a fencing lesson from the academy teacher. After troubled times Isabélla and Mephino got married. The two decided to leave Stormwind. Mephino also left his function as Teacher of the Academy. Mephino now tries to make a living as a coin soldier. As of now Mephino and Isabélla are taking care of their newborn son.

Family Background Edit

Original family background is unknown.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

More will come soon.

Current Status Edit

Helping Isabélla and his little son, Bastian, in Darnassus.

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