Maud "Goldthorn" Doe

Physical TraitsEdit

26 years old woman, very feminine, with blond hair, pale skin covered with freckles.

Her frequent smiles and the innocent look in her eyes make her charming to most.

Race and ClassEdit

Female human. Priestess.




Owner and editor of The Azeroth Journal.


"Fight with the Word, not with the Sword."


Seventh daughter of a poor family, her father works as a peasant in the Eastvale Logging Camp, in Elwynn Forest. Her mother, with a rather odd sense of humor, named all her childs after flowers, and so Maud was given the name of Goldthorn.


Her father, desperate at the idea of having to find a husband for yet another daughter, decided to offer her to the Northshire Abbey, where she was raised and trained to become a nun, and changed her name to Maud.

But she never took the vows: as she likes to say with a hearthy chuckle, "I've been always poor, and I could have tried to be obedient, but chastity... no way!"

Her natural curiosity towards anything and everything, made her leave the Abbey, ask for a loan to the Stormwind Bank, and create a newspaper, The Azeroth Journal.

The search for the Truth and the defense of Justice are the causes that lead her actions.

Criminal RecordEdit


Current StatusEdit

The goblins working at the printing press found her at the Azeroth Journal headquarters, unconscious, and now her family is taking care of her at the Eastvale Logging Camp (Elwynn Forest). She sits all day by the window, never says a word, and doesn't seem to notice the world around her. Nobody has been able to find a cure for her sickness yet. ((I won't be playing WoW in a long while)).

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