Marusya Copperworth.

Physical TraitsEdit

18 years old, dark blue eyes, and black hair that can look reddish under certain light.

She's thin -maybe too thin-, and covered with old scars -probably from a whip-, and rat bites, that she always tries to hide with her clothes, which look elegant, but worn out.

Her face could be beautiful, if it wasn't twisted by an inner bitterness that makes her expression cold. She hardly smiles, and when she's under pressure, her stuttering makes it hard to understand her words.

Race and ClassEdit

Female human, Warrior.




Working for House Alania as Lady Lashela Alania's maidservant.


Niece of Alfredus Copperworth, former butler of Lady Lashela Alania. She never speaks about her family.


Except Lady Lashela Alania, nobody knows anything about her past, before she started working as her maid a couple of months ago.

Current StatusEdit

Dissapeared ((I won't be playing WoW in a long while)).

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