Marr'Gok in his combat armour.


Marr'Gok, son of Kresh

Physical TraitsEdit

Green skin, large nose, red eyes. Average height and weight. Scars and burns on his hands, and on his left shoulder.

There is a large gash on his forehead, and he walks with a limp.

Race and ClassEdit

Orc Beastmaster (Hunter), training in the arts of Shamanism under Hrisskar Doomforge.


DECEASED: Zoid, a turquoise scorpid. Met in the southern Barrens, and became a trusted partner and friend of Marr'Gok's. Killed during the battle for Stonetalon by a dwarven patrol.

Chompy, a dragon whelp.

A black riding raptor, named Gol'Eon.

A brown riding wolf, named Kaesha.

A green raptor, not yet named. Marr'Gok has not yet met this raptor IC.


Battlemaster for the Earthfury Clan.

This may change, however, as he is unable to fight ever again since he was attacked in the battle for Stonetalon Mountains.


Margok rarely speaks of his family, who are all (presumed) dead apart from his mother.


Ask me.

Family BackgroundEdit

Raised by his mother on a pig farm in Durotar. His father and mother lost contact when they were sent to different internment camps by the Alliance. His younger brother was killed by crocilisks.

Personal NotesEdit

Does not like Blood Elves or Foresaken, feels that they are untrustworthy.

Current StatusEdit


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