Malveric .. least ways thats the name on the badge he has.

Physical TraitsEdit

Golden Haired, a short trimmed goatee beard

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin


Currently seeking admission to the Scarlet Missionary





Background: Awoke just inside the wall of Northshire Valley. Carries a small metal badge, badly chipped with the word Malveric scratched into the back. The front of the badge seems to have once had an elaborate enamel face, but this has been shattered. Chips of blue and amber remain.

Family BackgroundEdit


Criminal RecordEdit

If he has one, he doesn't know

Personal NotesEdit

Malveric is a deeply troubled person. He has no concious memory of what happened from before his waking in the Valley. He doesn't remember being a paladin but he seems to have those powers. His defining glory.. or should that be his terror .. is the visions .. or the nightmares that taunt him. He knows they are driving him onwards, and he knows that one day he will encounter whatever it was that left him for dead in Valley. Either he's going to vanquish his fears or they will consume him.

He seeks that which can be attained through beilef in the light, and strength, and from what he has heard, the Scarlet Missionary guild is full of those two qualities.

Current StatusEdit

Malveric seeks an end to the nightmares. He won't get them until he can find what caused them.

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