Name Edit


Physical Traits Edit

His nose has a little "blush" on it, you can assume... no... state that he is a casual drinker. he carries no scars or marks, except for the large scar on his back.

Race and ClassEdit

a strong dwarven warrior

Guild Edit

Maghtor is an Anvil Master of Axe and Anvil

Occupation Edit

Mining and Blacksmithing


Son of Moghtir and elly Brogmir

Background Edit

Born in Kharanos and raised in the peacefull village Southshore, he was studying in the art of brewing the finest ale of azaroth. In his free time he was learning all about blacksmithing, as his father was a great weapon smith.

On a certain day, Maghtor was send to the dwarven city Ironforge to pick up some orders. His father promised that, if he returned he would get his own axe, made of the finest ores in the land. Ohn his return, he felt a bit... strange... he couldnt state what he was feeling, but the feeling wasnt very nice. When he crossed the border of the Highlands into Hillsbrad, an awful smell filling the air got into his nose... he drove faster and faster to Southshore... It was like hell.. but worse. Death and evil overwhelmed the village, the plague was spread upon the village, groups of undeads were attacking everything that was breathing. Maghtor ran into his house where his father just slaughtered an undead. he ran back out and into the basement to find his very own treasure and lifework completely shattered. Ale was flouding the basement floor... Barrels broken, drains were drunk of the finest beer in Azaroth.

He felt his limbs shaking and his blood boiling inside of him. filled with anger he ran outside, picked up an axe and started swinging from left to right, 'round and 'round, pieces of undead were dropping to the floor in numorous amounts like it was raining heads.

once the plague was taken care of, his father came up to him with glazed eyes, as he said " son, i am proud to give you this axe, as you now have proven yourself to wield it, you have saved this very village my son, now go... go and get rid of these horde, stand side by side with your brothers! may the gods be with you!"

That words convinced Maghtor to join the fight against the horde to bring peace to Azaroth once more.

Once he arrived in Ironforge, he met Cromgar and Dirahm... The three fought as one, so they decided to create a family, AXE and ANVIL.

Family Background Edit

His mother and father joined the gods in heaven... may they rest in peace

Criminal Record Edit

- Walking around nude in the city of Stormwind under the influence of alcohol.

- Walking around nude in the city of Ironforge under the influence of alcohol.

- Skinny dipping in the fontain at the gardens in the city of Stormwind under the influence of alcohol.

- Burping in the halls of stormwind keep in the city of Stormwind city under the influence of alcohol.

- "taking a leak" on the castle walls in the city of Stormwind under the influence of alcohol.

Personal Notes Edit

NO, i not be drunk ye!!!

ok ok.. i hafa problem i admit.. but i be taking it easy now.. hic!

Current Status Edit

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