Minion Lukther Von Dismark

Physical TraitsEdit

Lukther is quite a young man, he is of about average height. He has long, blonde hair that almost reaches his shoulders and a thin beard that runs down from his mouth to the bottom of his chin. He has deep blue eyes and dark rings under his eyes.

Race and ClassEdit

Human. A Retribution Paladin. Although he is just a fighter ICly.


Thuzadin Acolytes


Minion of the Scourge.


All dead.


Lukther hails from Lordaeron. He lived there with his wealthy parents and sister before the Scourge ravaged the city. His father took up arms against the attacking Scourge and Lukther, his sister and mother fled the city. Their caravan to Stormwind was pillaged by bandits and Lukther managed to escape with his life, although his sister and mother were not so lucky. All of the Von Dismark family fortune was taken by the bandits and Lukther was left with not a penny to his name.

Family BackgroundEdit

Lukthers father had worked closley with the Darkstor family, who owned the largest mining company in all of Azeroth, and helped them make their great mining empire. His father, Varnson Von Dismark, was a partner of John Darkstor and thus made plenty of money before he died.

Criminal RecordEdit

Murdered the reformed bandit whom killed his family.

Personal NotesEdit

Although dominated by a Necromancer, Lukther still retains his sarcasm and wit. Although forced to do the Necromancers' bidding, Lukther still responds with cynical comments.

Current StatusEdit

Mind Dominated by the Cult of the Dammned.

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